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  1. krayz414

    klx110 engine in kx65 frame

    Thanks for your help.
  2. krayz414

    klx110 engine in kx65 frame

    My son has an 09 110 and I just bought him an 06 65. I can buy an 03 65 for $500. I'm just trying to weigh out options for beefing up the suspension because when he gets done with the small 4 stroke class we will keep the bike as a pit bike. I'm wandering if buying the extra 65 for the swingarm and suspension is cheaper than the other options. Thanks for your reply.
  3. krayz414

    klx110 engine in kx65 frame

    Would the mods to put the 110 motor in the 65 frame be easier than cutting the swingarm, etc to fabricate the rear suspension from the 110 to the 65. One of my friends suggested that because the 110 uses the motor itself as bracing instead of having a frame on the bottom of the motor that even with beefed up suspension that you can damage the motor with hard landings. By doing the engine swap I could have all the benefits of the 65 suspension including front and rear disc brakes plus a lot stronger frame. Any help would be greatly appreciated.