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  1. DaveCgor

    CRFX450 Should I buy one?

    Get the X I don't think you'll be disapointed. I just got mine yesterday and I've only ridden it around the yard but I can pretty much tell I'm going to be very happy with it, great power very snappy. I can already tell the suspension is much better than the ktm's I've owned and and I haven't even set the sag yet are done any kinda mods as of yet! The ktm's I've owned were all two strokes 2 250's and one 200 all exc's. I was very skeptical at first as I've never owned a 4 stroke but at 250 pounds its very nimble for its size, I was doing some pretty good power slides and throwing the bike around easier than I thought I'd be able to. I'll definatly have to rejet and do a few mods to get it to my liking but I think this will be a great bike. I have a friend I ride with regularly that has a 2000 drz400, Its about as reliable as an xr, but everytime I ride it I can really feel the weight. The x is about 10 pounds lighter but feels 30 pounds lighter, it seems to carry its weight really well. Plus it looks sexy!!!!
  2. DaveCgor

    2006 CRF450X prices?

    Check out Southernhonda.com in Chattanooga, Tn. You can get a new 05 450x for $5333 otd!! They list all their prices on the web site.
  3. DaveCgor


    Thanks, my short list was the 450x and the ktm 300xc. I could save about $1400 on the 450x vs the ktm
  4. DaveCgor

    New ride!!!!!!

    Any you guys rode a crf450x, I'm kinda on the fence on this one. We ride tight single track here in Ga. and I can get a new 05 450x $5333otd!! Thats hard to pass up, but I also like the wr. I'd like to hear any ride reports on both bikes Thanks.........
  5. DaveCgor

    Buy 05 or 06 450X

    I wonder how the 450x would handle red trails at Durhamtown!!!! Have you ever been there, I noticed you live in Ga. Check out Georgiaoffroad.com
  6. DaveCgor


    Just wanting to know how you guys like this bike. I've read many reviews and most are positive. This question has probably been asked 1000 time but have any of you had any real problems with this bike? I live in Ga. and we ride a lot of tight single track here. Also North Ga. Mountains lots of elevation changes and hill climbs. I've never owned a thumper before but at the price I'm getting on this bike its really hard to pass up! Thanks.......
  7. DaveCgor

    Buy 05 or 06 450X

    I'm about to pull the trigger on an 05 myself. I can get one for $5333otd!! Thats a killer deal on a new bike. Southern Honda in Chattanooga, Tn. Check out their web site. They list all their bikes and prices. I plan to buy next week. I just hope its not a mistake, all I've ever owned has been 2 strokes, mostly ktm's. Everyone says adjusting valves is easy I've never done it, nor do I know how From every thing I've heard this bike is very reliable and the valves stay in spec. for a long time.