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  1. driversix

    Lets see those street bikes

    ME and my 99 cbr600, picked it up a few months ago for 3200 i paid 3000 and my dad paid the other 200 for my 16th bday. Put about 80 miles on it but now its to cold to ride.
  2. driversix

    2007 model pics?

    does anyone have 07 model pics? Ive seen some of hondas and ktm but lookin for the 07 rm250 and kx
  3. driversix

    relocating cdi

    yea i do freestyle so i dont run number plates but this is the first bike i had where the cdi has been in the airbox
  4. driversix

    relocating cdi

    I have to relocate my cdi on my 02 rm250 becuase im cutting my airbox so i was wondering where the best place to put it is. I was told behind my # plate but i dont run one so wheres the next best place
  5. driversix

    Suspension revalve

    I've been looking into sending my rm250's suspension out to get revalved because its set up for a 195 pound rider but I got in shape and now im only 180. I was looking at procircuit and pro action because id prolly get my engine ported to. Is thier ne other good places that arent terribly expensive and that do a good job. Should i get my motor completely done when i send it out. I saw on proaction complete motor setup is 700 but porting is 200 or sumthing like that. what is the complete motor about? Is it worth it I run 250b and i would like to compete againts the 450s until i get my own next year. thanks for the help
  6. driversix

    06 rmz450

    what is the prep charge and right now i have an rm250 and its awsome i just dont understand the price diff between this bike and the other 450s
  7. driversix

    06 rmz450

    i was wondering why the rmz450 is the cheapest of the 450s is it Quility let me no i can get won for 5700 of the showroom floor