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    SportTouring is my #1 hobbie, but I love riding Colorado mountain trails too.
  1. Draftermike


    I ride street too. Didn't get back to this thread till just now because was attending a rally in Branson this weekend. Sounds like a great offer you've extended and I plan on taking you up on it. Thanks.
  2. Draftermike


    Sounded like a good offer. I couldn't have made it this time even if I had seen it in time..... but next time I just might take you up on it. Drafermike (Sedalia)
  3. Draftermike

    Fold down mirrors

    If you break a Dual-star, an auto parts adhesive wide-angle mirror fits perfectly and works well when standing on the pegs.
  4. Draftermike

    Jetting And Temperature Change

    I did the recommended jetting when the temperatures were cooler then noticed hesitation only when the temperatures got near 70 a couple of times. From information off the board changed the needle from 4th to 3rd clip and now not a hint of hesitation.
  5. Draftermike

    Battery Tender Question ???

    Made a frame mounted plug in using a trailer light plug and hose clamp. My chargers aren't the Battery Tender brand but I believe it is the same plug. If so, the plug will work on, and only use two of the four plugs of a flat trailer light wire. I sawed off the unused plug ends giving a place for my hose clamp to hold it to the tab in front of the helmet hanger. I did put an in-line fuse in the hot wire, could have put a small hose around the hot wire under the fender to better protect it, did cut the wires off of an extra plug just to cap it off and keep dirt out while riding. Pictures: http://draftermike.smugmug.com/gallery/1223689/1/57304329/Large
  6. Draftermike

    Waterproof Socks..

    Discovered sealskinz last year, love em. Sometimes I don't even put them on till after my boots are wet, then with a dry pair of socks under them life is good again.
  7. Draftermike

    Magnesium clutch cover on 05/06 DR Z400's

    I have my '05' cover in front of me right now letting the JB weld cure from the previous owner's accident, and it says Magnesiun on the inside.