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  1. can i put a yz 85 front forks on a stock ttr125L and put a yx 85 rear suspencion on my bike thanks
  2. oK i have no idea how to jet a carb and i was woundering should i learn or just take it in to the dealership and try to get it done there i would like to have it done by next friday or saturday if possible and also is it worth it to buy a system for my 05 ttr 125L should i get a Pro Circuit t-4 system or should i get a powercore 4 system i heard that the proc t-4 is real loud but i kinda like stuff like that so hope someone can help THANKS LOTS and happy riding P.S If i go on trails im going to put in a quiet core i also love the trails
  3. h2403

    exhaust for 520s

    about the T-4 i was thinking of getting one for my ttr125 and i am hearing they are really loud what is the db level on thoughs things i think i read somewhere that they can get up to a wopping 103db im not sure so dont quote me on it but i think so i think for you you should get the fmf Q ive heard good things on both. The Q would be your best bet thoh
  4. h2403

    ttr-125 rear shock removel

    well i cant really help u now cause everyone else said it all just get a cheap shock spring compressor and un bolt the two shock bolts on the swing arm and the top piece and compress and un do the shock adjusters slide the spring out and walla replace spring and but back togeather and any more questions id contact your dealer
  5. h2403


    how is your power core 4 i cant decide between a fmf pc4 or a pro circuit t4 what do you think