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  1. Mike4971

    Croom Comments

    Another vote for Croom! I take my family there at least twice a month for the last couple of years and have had only a couple of problems with other riders. As with every place I have ever been, the vast majority of people there are really nice and ride responsibly. Yes, you are going to meet the occasional knuckle head at Croom, but that can happen anywhere you go. As a matter of fact, the only two times I have had problems with other riders, they were on motorcycles with number plates. Just a couple of tips that might have been mentioned before: *The parking lots, and a 100 yards near them are where the most traffic is, especially the quads, get away from there and you probably see only one or two riders the entire day, even on a busy weekend! *Stay away from the Sand Hill on the weekends.(that's the first area when you enter the park) Total craziness! If I go during the week, though, I park at Sand Hill because there is more activity, less likely someone will bother my truck while I am riding. *On the weekends, I park in the back as close to the bathrooms as possible. Again, many people there and less likely anyone will bother your truck. *On busy weekends, the north side is the best place to ride. Go about a 100 yards back and get off the main trails (too many whoops on the main trails) and ride under the trees. Very nice! *If you take your time on some of your rides, you should see some wild life: deer, turkeys, raccoons, foxes, etc.... *Also, if you go during the week, it will be you and about five other riders in the entire park. *Camping is a blast there, and if you go during the weekend, it maybe hard to get a spot, but again, a lot of people there and less likely someone is going mess with your stuff. Croom is a great place to ride and we are very lucky to have it! NOTE: I have never met anyone that has had anything stolen from Croom, but it does happen and from what I hear, most of it is at the motels at the front of the park. The rumor is the thieves are coming from Tampa and there are some really nice dirt bikes in the projects. Maybe someone out there is from TPD and can verify that.
  2. Mike4971

    Haulmark Lowhauler?

    That's a great trailer and thanks for the reply. I was thinking about the Low Hauler so that I might be able to camp with it also.
  3. I am thinking about a Lowhauler because of deed restriction in my area require me to park a trailer in my garage. It measures out okay, and even has 3 inches of clearance to spare in height, but I was wondering if anyone out there has ever put one of these into a standard 7' garage, and if so, was it a hassle to do so. Thanks
  4. Mike4971

    MX Boots

    My son wrecked last weekend wearing O'Neil Element boots and tore up his ankle pretty good. I just got him a pair of Tech 6's off ebay for $170 (shipping included) and I was impressed with the difference in material around the ankle. It was as if the Element had none compared to the Tech 6. Shop around for a good pair of boots, but if you have to, a cheap boot is better than none at all.
  5. Mike4971

    Ttr250 Tire Recomendations

    In my opinion, I would go for traction over longevity. It would be best to pick a tire for the type of terrain that you will be riding. That way, you should get better handling from your bike for the conditions you normally ride. My suggestion is to ask others that ride in your area what type of tires they use, or you need to figure out if you need a tire for soft, intermediate or hard terrain. Hope this helps
  6. I recommend the Cycra Probends w/ the triple clamp mounts. I have removed the bark off of a couple of trees so far and they work great.
  7. Mike4971

    Suprise oil change

    I've had my 06 WR250F since November, over 600 miles on it, many oil changes, and have yet found any metal or debris. I just hope that if I ever do find some, it's not a lot.
  8. Mike4971

    Good Source for Parts

    I've had good results from bikebandit.com
  9. Mike4971

    Damn rain....where to ride this weekend?

    Sorry Brother, that's a family heirloom.
  10. Mike4971

    Damn rain....where to ride this weekend?

    That's the truth!
  11. Mike4971

    Where to ride in ONF?

    Your not wrong, the place is huge. Ditto on the GPS and a camel back would come in handy, also.
  12. Hit a tree the other day on my WR250 and was lucky, all I lost was the brake fluid from a loose line. I have decided on Cycra Pro Bend hand guards but I need to know whether to get the handle bar mounts or the triple clamp mounts. Thanks for any input.
  13. Mike4971

    ttr 250 kickstand spring

    This had happened to me about two years ago, but I wasn't so Lucky and had to buy a new spring. After I installed it, I took a pair of channel lock pliers and bent the ends of the spring and made it tighter around the posts. I haven't lost it since and the kick stand works fine.
  14. Mike4971

    How much did you pay for your WR250F?

    06 WR250F out-the-door for $5950 at ARS Sports in Okeechobee, FL.
  15. Mike4971

    Gray wire for 2006 WR250

    Ditto: I disconnected the gray wire on my 06. I don't ride fast, so I did not notice a difference in power, but I can say it didn't hurt anything.