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  1. robswr426

    qa 50

    any one know where to get parts for a 73 qa 50
  2. robswr426

    KXF Owners

    they fit
  3. robswr426

    shift lever for kx250f '06

    i put an o4 shifter on mine has a differfent bend . works great
  4. robswr426

    Looking to buy....

    call zmoto 480-358-0515
  5. robswr426

    06 KX250F Gearing

    also put in the power now kits there is one that gose in the front of the carb and one in the back . get them both . it will cost about $200 but it is the best up grade i have made . you can pull taller gears a lot easier with out the bog
  6. robswr426

    06 steering stabilizer

    call zmoto they can get you a gpr 480-358-0515
  7. robswr426


    i have had mine for a few months . best 250 ever. the only problem with the 06 is some have valve guide problems from the factory. and yes i have raced it and it rips.
  8. robswr426

    Taller Gearing

    desert racing . and yes it is fast
  9. robswr426

    Anyone racing GP's or desert with a RMZ???

    toolboy how do you get it to pull ?????we put a 15/41 and it would not pull it . we got it to 72 mph we went to a 14/41 and got it to pull 82 mph . and it has an fmf pipe on it . we are tring to get that speed
  10. robswr426

    Taller Gearing

    my buddys running 14/41 and it really screams
  11. robswr426

    CRF450R Cam choices

    can someone tell me a little more about this cam? is it good for desert racing?
  12. robswr426

    i officially hate...

    learn to use the front break to make it stick
  13. robswr426

    O-Ring Chain Interfering w/ Chain Guide

    the link also hits the case and will take a little off it but not enough too worry about . did it on my 05 crf 450 and my roommates rmz 450 .
  14. robswr426

    What Kind of Chain?

    replace it before it breaks and takes out the case. put a good o-ring or x-ring chain on it . trust me it's worth the money . stock chains are junk
  15. robswr426

    RMZ 450 engine blown up!!!

    might be a bent valve the same thing happend on my buddys 426 he shut it off the it was locked up. we pulled it a part and found a bent valve. not sure why it happened