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  1. violentride

    02 wr426f to yz seat conversion

    I want to change my 02 wr426f seat only to a yz seat? is it possible to instal a yz seat on my wr without any modifications?
  2. violentride

    Mikuni Pumper Carb

    Thanks for the tip.
  3. violentride

    Mikuni Pumper Carb

    Just installed a edelbrock double pumper on my 03' xr4, Instalation was a piece of cake, made easy access with subframe off and shock disconnected at the top. Started easy right off the bat and test ride was exellent with no adjusmants made on the carb. I expected to notice a difference but was surprized at how much of a change it made. My only complaint is that the idle adjust cable is kind of cheezy. Got it delivered for $377
  4. violentride

    Valve Niose

    also check the decompression lever free play before checking valves..
  5. violentride

    Body Armour?

    Check out the Rockgardn Flak jacket,, I have been wearing one this winter and it is very comfortable and well made. When summer gets here may be another story,, we will see http://rockgardn.easystorecreator.com/Browse_Item_details.asp/Item_ID/1/categ_id/1/parent_ids/0,1/repost/1/start/1/end/1/Count_Class_1_1/75631#ITEM_1
  6. violentride

    XR400R Mikuni 36mm pumper carb pre-install advice

    I have a 03 400 also, and am considering the Mikuni. Sure would like to hear how yours turns out,, good luck.
  7. violentride

    XR400 Swingarm decals

  8. violentride


    Thats what I have been looking for! Thanks!
  9. I have a 05' 26ft warrior bought in June and have zero complaints! We looked at the fwd bath but went with the front sleeper so when u have company you are all a little seperated at night. We just close the sliding door at the galley during trips to the head and you have plenty of room. I don't think u can go wrong with the warrior!!
  10. violentride


    Where can I find some good custom graphics for a 4 gal ims tank?? Thanks
  11. violentride

    changing tires

    just put a new set of maxxis desert it's on. This was my first time changing tires and this thread helped alot. The first time I pinched the tube and had to get another one. I used dish washing liquid on the inside of the tire rim the second time around and it went on surprisingly easy. I plan on carrying a bit in my pack in case of a flat on the trail. Thanks for all the info!
  12. violentride

    securing bikes in the toy hauler

    Lots of good suggestions, this is a great site! Thank you everyone for the help.
  13. violentride

    Maxxis tires

    have the kendas now, they are good for sure. Thanks.............
  14. violentride

    Maxxis tires

    That sounds pretty good, I have Kenda now but think I will give the maxxis a try. Thanks
  15. violentride

    Maxxis tires

    I read a review about the maxxis desert it's that say they loose traction with some wear.. was about to buy some for my 400,, I ride the dezert in socal- elmirage, ca city. Anyone try these yet, my next choice would be to try the regular maxxis it's.