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    40 ft raptor 5th wheel, 2005 crf 450x, wifes ex 250, daughters, ex 250 and raptor 80, 2 dogs
  1. b3racing

    doing my first vlave job and am unsure?

    i am going to do just that. thank all of you guys on your fast respons to me i really a preiceate it.
  2. b3racing

    doing my first vlave job and am unsure?

    thanks for that wouldnt know how fast a turn around he can do. would love to go out next weekend and ride with my little brother.
  3. b3racing

    doing my first vlave job and am unsure?

    so u recomend just skipping the reshim and get it totally redone. and i see AS racing at crfsonly is where everyone is sending them. any idea on price?
  4. i have a 2005 crf 450x. has fmf power bomb header, fmf 4.1 exhaust, uni filter, and rejetted carbs. i am posting this because the bike ran fine than it started to run rough. did a air filter change, oil change, new spark plug, and new battery. now is really running bad. wouldnt start unless i held in hot start lever a little. when running it back fires and coughs. even short flame out pipe. checking to see if valves out of adjustment and found. intake@ leaftside 0.00 rightside 0.002 exhaust@ leftside 0.009 rightside 0.008 dont think this is good and would like some advice. have not done anything else. waiting for yourguys help.