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  1. Wow, I really appreciate all the advice on my problem. This site is great!! I am an intermediate rider and am gald to get the help. I spent a pretty penny on the bike and was a little upset after the first couple of rides. A buddy of mine is helping me with the sag adjustment and I have already ordered a new front tire. Looking forward to happily joining the four-stroke ranks with a front end that likes to stay in the dirt. Thanks again Steve
  2. I just bought a new 2005 YZ450F. I have had 2 prior Yamaha 2-stroke 250's. I took my new 450 out today and dumped it. The sad part is that I was only breaking it in. What is up with the front end washing out. I could bury my 250 and it stuck like glue. It seems even the most minor pressure and this one slips. I changed my seat position, feathered the front brake, changed the tire pressure, nothing works. Frankly, its a little scary. Does anyone know about the effect of changing the height of the forks. At the showroom, I complained about the bike being a little tall. The top of the forks were flush with the clap. The salesman told the prep guys to lower the front a bit for me. Now the forks almost touch the bottom of the handle bars. Did this mess up the handling or are these bikes just a little top heavy. Someone please tell me I am going to love this bike. I already sold my faithful 250. Thanks, Steve