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  1. mjorgo

    Woods set up for 625 sxc

    I tried a 120 and with that much torque it just smoked the back tyre and I could get hook up, try a Michillin S12 140 they are by far the best. Did over 1000 ks offraod on all types of terrain dune sand to knarly high speed pee gravel and rotated once and there still acceptable, S12 front is a great combo. The frame guards are from a 640 andventure, with a jigsaw a steady hand the came out well. I am 100 kg and 6ft 1 so I put 20mm bar risers on and its now good to stand up on for long distances. What part of OZ are you from, I am in WA Perth...
  2. mjorgo

    Woods set up for 625 sxc

    I have an 06 625 sxc set up purely for the woods. I run a JD Jet kit and Staintune exhuast with 16/50 gearing on Michillen S12 front and rear. This thing pulls better than teenager. I had to increase the front fork oil to a ten weight oil and it now handles the hard corners a whole lot better, althought you still have to remember that its a 140kg big bore thumper and a little respect goes along way. I ride with 525 exc and 450 sx bikes and I quite often will be barking at their heels on the open trails. I love it.
  3. mjorgo

    SXC gearing sugestions??

    You may have to cut links....I have a full matched sprocket set for the road and one for the offroad...
  4. mjorgo

    SXC gearing sugestions??

    Hey there, I run a 16/49 and it hauls arse big time, giving the exc range a real run for there money. I also run full michilin S12s front and rear. 5th gearing still winds out about 150km/h, with all the torque in the world on tap at any stage of the throttle. On the road I use a 16/45 and it nice and poky for most street riding.....
  5. mjorgo

    SXC 625 Stop Vibration

    How many ks between valve lash inspections, my dealer said to me at its first 1000 k service that it wasn't necessary, even thought i disagree. Mine as an 06 sxc with JD jet kit and staintune, I ride it only in the bush and ride fairly hard on the big girl....
  6. Are there bar risers available for the sxc range. And are these the same as the EXC models. Any advice welcome....
  7. Hi guys here is a photo of my new toy. 06 625 sxc. What you reckon...
  8. mjorgo

    Q: 640 LC4 enduro (dual sport)

    What about a 625 sxc great on the road and exellent in the bush, here is photo of my 06 625 sxc, Staintune exhaust , JD Jet kit, B&B Frame guards, KTM Bashplate. I really like the great gobs of torque yet will happly rev in the top end all day long. Great old school 4 stroke power.....you would love it
  9. I have a 06 625 with 1500km on it and its started to leak from the sump plug, only after sitting for a couple of days. I have changed the copper washer twice with genuine parts, should I try a fiber washer or is there an aftermarket replacement. should the engine use oil after a few hard hundred kays of hard trail riding?...
  10. mjorgo

    Unibiker Radiator Guards

    Do they make them for KTM sxc 625??? can some one send me a link in a PM please..
  11. I too installed the JD Kit and found that there was no instructions to install the idle jet so I left it out and ran with the original. I put in the Red needle at clip pos 4, I think i will change to the blue needle for the cooler months I run the 175 main jet
  12. mjorgo

    625 SMC Throttle limiter

    I also have a 06 625sxc with a JD Jet kit, and Staintune slip on exhaust. I also run Offroad 16t/49t and ful MX tyers. On the road I run 16t/45t and is still really fast but has legs. The staintune is awsome, maybe not much different in wieght but sure looks and sounds better with excellent throttle response and comes with an insert tip to bring it down below 96db and pull it out for the fattest sounding LC4 engine you will ever hear....and only 500AUS$
  13. mjorgo

    ktm 640 or 625

    The only reason for the fuel is ease of obtaining it, there is only a marginal difference with the 98 octaine premiume being on pump. I also ride with WR450s and 525s and some times in need all the punch I can get, But i figure get good on this and have a challenge...
  14. Try the new Dunlop 756 rear and front, I have them on my KTM 625 sxc and did a 260 km ride in beach and coastal tracks, they really wore well considering I run a 49t rear sprocket. Or try the pirelli laguna cross they are the best thing for big bore 4 stokes....
  15. mjorgo

    ktm 640 or 625

    Hi there people, I have a 06 625 sxc with JD Jet kit, air box mod and full staintune Race exhaust, run on 100 octaine fuel only, I also run full soft mx tyres and a 49t rear sprocket. Its just had a 1000k service how much hp should I expect? Ps it can be qiet a handfull in tight heavy sand but a real blast on the open Pine trials....