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    Joined and donated some cash. It's about time that I gave something back to our sport considering how much I ride here in the Mojave desert. Marc
  3. overthebars_again

    Summertime riding in SoCal w/red sticker

    Chris, I ride in the Mojave desert and surrounding mountains with no problems or hassles. In fact, I've had the bike for 2 1/2 years and no one has ever looked at my sticker. Get out there and ride bro. otb_a
  4. overthebars_again

    ty davis hot start button

    The Ty Davis hot start button does not turn itself off. bmt4life is correct. You'll have to manually flip the switch. otb_a
  5. overthebars_again

    What could have happened, and I am feeling stupid!

    Dude, The same thing happened to me a couple of months ago on my YZ. Turns out that the stator was tits up. otb_a
  6. overthebars_again

    Happy Birthday Dan Lorenze !

    Hey Danno, Happy belated b-day brother. Let me know when you guys will be up here next so we can start another adventure. I too have the WR450 on deposit, and can't wait. I checked it out at the World Superbike Races last weekend. Totally bitchin man. Have a good one bro M
  7. overthebars_again

    WR450 dual sport / green sticker?

    My local dealer told me that he can't get Canadian bikes anymore, unless he drives to Canada and transports them back himself. I don't know if this is true or not, he may have been trying to talk me into buying locally... He also told me that I can no longer purchase the Canadian bikes and have it shipped to my home, as you could in the past. Sooo, I've got the first WR that arrives in Lancaster, Ca. Marc
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    Save NJ Trails - Sign the petition

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    Bulk Buy Black Side panels

    Hey TeamScream, You're right bro. Turkey was definitely out there man. The eye opener was that on just about every corner, you'd see at least one commando armed to the teeth. I got into a conversation one morning with one of them. I couldn't convince him that the M16 was way better than the peice of crap he was carrying. We weren't allowed to go to the executions, not that I'd care to go. And "musky" isn't the word bro. Talk about funky. Sheesh man. Let's just say that you wouldn't want to get on a bus that was full of Turks. I could go on and on, which I am famous for here on TT, but I'll cut it short. Lewichris, you didn't upset me bro. My bad, I forgot to bring my Midol that morning... Cheers otba
  10. overthebars_again

    Bulk Buy Black Side panels

    Dan, Well said my friend. I spent most of the first half of my career in Turkey, England, and Saudi Arabi. Any person that wears the uniform, no matter if they're sitting in an alert aircraft or serving chow to the troops, is part of a bigger picture. Their common goal is to allow the wonderful folks here in America, and even shallow people like you Lewi, to get a good nights sleep. Danny, we need to go out and roost when I get back from this damn class. Georgia is pretty cool (too many trees), but I'm going stir crazy with no bike to ride. Later bro otba
  11. overthebars_again

    Bulk Buy Black Side panels

    Hey lewichris, You're a real funny guy... The web site that I checked yesterday listed the exchange rate at 1.05, checked another site this morning and it's 1.46 which is $17.52 bro. I obviously must have not been paying attention the first time around. I'd like to think that I didn't waste 5 years of my life over there, as my time was spent keeping you safe. That's right lewi, 5 years in the UK out of my 20 in the Air Force. Hey Danny, whaz up bro!!!
  12. overthebars_again

    My bike won't start, how 'bout a little help

    Thanks for your responses guys, My bad, it's a 3 year service contract. I'm in Georgia at the moment attending a month long PC class, so I'll look into your suggestions when I get home. I couldn't find my multi-meter (dang kids) so I haven't verified the spark. No, the bike hasn't started since it died on me. The compression is okay, just as it's always been. I'm in between oil changes, and didn't over fill it on the last go around. Nothing touched the pipe except my fingers while I was lookin' around for the obvious loose wire. I really hate the thought of putting it in the shop and having it sit in there for weeks. So, it sounds like I'm on the right track and once again thank you for your inputs bro's. Marc
  13. Hey fellow bro's, I was out riding my '00 YZ426 a couple weeks ago, running wide open down a fire road when the motor suddenly quit running. Just kinda cut off. I tried bump starting it at speed. nada. Well I kicked and kicked until my leg was numb, nada. I took the Ty Davis tank off when I got home, looking for something obvious. The coil and ground were fine, still I took it off and cleaned all the connections on the right side of the bike with contact cleaner, and and put it all back as it should be. Did the same with connector on the left side (near carb). Compression seems to be no different than before I left started the ride. The carb's getting gas. I've never messed with the TPS. Stock jetting, pilot is 1 3/4 out. The TD Hot Start seems to be working properly, which shouldn't excuse it from not starting when cold. I pulled the spark plug, which looked fine. Checked the gap as well, it was good. I also switched the plug out with another, same results. I tried kicking the motor through while watching for a spark off the side of the engine. I didn't see a spark, but it was tough trying to keep the plug near the motor while kicking. So I'm not really positive about the outcome. I pulled the kill switch off the bars thinking that that might be the problem. nada. The bike will not even attempt to start, try as I might. I've got a year left on the warranty so I'm not too worried about it, but any help that you may be able to provide is sincerely appreciated. Marc
  14. overthebars_again

    Big Bear ride this Sunday

    Mike, I'd love to go with you, next time. I'm from the Antelope Valley, but will be here in Georgia for the next 3 weeks. Maybe next time. Thanks anyway bro Marc
  15. overthebars_again

    what does KTM stand for ?

    Keep Trying Mate ;()