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  1. XR6's_rule

    08 450/530excr cam update??

    G'day boys, I work at an authorised KTM dealer in Australia and the rumour is definitely true, the 530exc-r has had a starting issue relating to the location of the decomp on the cam. Thankfully, it is not widespread as only about 8 units were effected by this problem in Australia. Our dealership ended up being allocated two of these "effected" units which have both since been back for warranty service, which involved the complete replacement of the camshaft, which was obviously a free service. Anyone who experiences the hard starting symptoms on this model would be advised to get in contact with their dealer ASAP.
  2. XR6's_rule

    Thank you XR6's rule,pwrpapa,cleonard,scale jockey

    No worries, glad to be of help. I hope you have fun on the big beast!
  3. XR6's_rule

    86 xr600 ?s

    I have an '85 XR600 which would run the same specs as yours - 45 pilot, 122 main jets both carbs. I actually have the same problem, it can take up to 10 kicks to start. Blipping the throttle a few times before kicking helps, but a change to a #48 pilot would have to make things easier.
  4. XR6's_rule

    can any1 help with a XR500R ?

    As Hondarider623 said, check your valve clearances. Even if there is one valve on zero clearance, the bike with give problems. Check that first, failing that do a compression test and see what it comes up with. Good luck!
  5. XR6's_rule

    How many 20k+ mile L's have new counter shafts?

    If this is any comparison my cousin once had a '92 XR600R which im fairly sure has the same countershaft as the 650L. This bike had around 18,000 kms and was showing signs of wear - eg front sprocket slopping around but would've probably gone another 8-10,000 kms before needed replacing.
  6. XR6's_rule

    XR600R top end tic tic tic

    For the piece of mind it wouldnt hurt to replace the tensioner and spring as well. It will cost you just under $100 extra tho. It isnt a real hard job. Footpeg/rear brake lever/bashplate/right crankcase cover/clutch, primary drive gear assy all come off. Then the carby/inlet manifold/top engine mounts nee to come off to get the rocker cover out. Its tricky to get the rocker cover in and out but you need to tilt it back into the carb area (after the carb is gone), a bit of patience and a gentle touch will get it there. Also make sure you get the valve timing right when you install the new cam chain. Hope all goes well, cheers!!
  7. XR6's_rule

    XR600R top end tic tic tic

    Ive had a lot of experience with these engines, if it sounds like a loudish metallic rattle at idle that quietens as the engine warms, your cam chain is toast, if its a ticking sound at idle warm and hot, it will be tappet adjustment. Rockers dont often wear on these models, unless the bike a has been run low on oil for a period of time.
  8. XR6's_rule

    Xr600 Won't Start!!! Not Carb. Related...

    Check the simple stuff first. Make sure the fuel is fresh and the carby clean. Check the spark - it should jump a distance of 10mm from ground when you kick it over hard (get someone to help you do this check). Also make sure your valve clearances are correct, if you have a tight valve you will lose compression, thus only getting a backfire when you try to start the bike. Failing this check your ignition timing, which requires a timing light that you may or may not have. Good luck, let us know how you go!
  9. XR6's_rule

    My bike is finally going again! It Rocks!!

    Sorry to hear about your rotten luck mate, I've read all your posts and threads tho and i think you havent had that badder run if the bike had clocked 11,000 kms. XR600's (remember them?) used to have problems with the hard facing wearing off the gears in their trannys, they didnt used to last much longer than 11,000 on average.
  10. XR6's_rule

    Broken 3rd/5th gear found in my gear box

    I'm a bit of a carlton draught man myself mate! Or crownies if im feeling rich and not worrying about the grog eating into my riding budget!
  11. XR6's_rule

    XR650r top end condition after 28,000klms

    Thats a good run you've got out of the big girl mate. Try and get quarter of that out of the trusty CRF's!
  12. XR6's_rule

    XR628 HRC related - Question to the Gurus here

    I can see where you're coming from here mate! I ride an '06 CRF450R mostly but also own 2 XR6's and I tell you they are still soo much fun to ride I could never sell them! For the record, the best oil i have used is Shell VSX4, if you're broke you could use the SX4 but you'd need to change it more often. Hope this helps, Cheers, Mark.
  13. XR6's_rule

    XR628 HRC related - Question to the Gurus here

    Bugger mate, your pic defintely is a bit blurry (!) but it looks to me as if the beast's oil weep is coming from the cylinder base gasket, this isnt anything major to worry about with a four-stroke. A friend of mine has a '96 XR6 which is running a wiseco 11:1 628 kit and it has a little oil weep like this except not as bad. The XR6 engine generates a lot of crankcase pressure at the best of times but when you jam a big slug in it magnifies this, this is my theory as to why it would've leaked, unless the barrel and head bolts werent torqued evenly with a torque wrench when re-assembled (they need to be).
  14. XR6's_rule

    Xr 400 Carb Probelm

    Your main jet sounds too rich to me for a stock engine, this is probably whats causing the stutter. The XR4 is quite touchy with its jetting. I had a 2000 XR4 running a full staintune exhaust and i ran 55/158 jetting, this was the best combo for me.
  15. XR6's_rule

    XR 600RR - Valve cover and head removal

    Yep these things are tight to get out but i have done it many times so it is possible! You need to remove the carby and inlet manifold from the head. This will allow you to tip the rocker cover back into this area to remove it. It is still a little bit tight but a bit of patience will get it there. It will beat pulling the whole engine out of the bike! Hope this helps, Mark.