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  1. Jason-k

    New 250x owner!

    Yep, that would be it. He gave it back to me in the box with all other spares that come with it. We'll see how it goes anyway. Just a quick question, do you know any decent riding places around the area? I'll probably be going out to Louee near Mudgee a bit. Damn thats a fine place. 150km of trails, some VERY challenging, motox track etc... I'd like a similar place but a bit closer to home. Cheers
  2. Jason-k

    New 250x owner!

    Well I finally got it. A new '05 250X. The local dealer couldn't get an '06 until february, so I opted to save some thousands of dollars and go for the '05 they had in stock. Took it for a 5 minute ride yesterday afternoon after work. She's a beautiful machine. The bike shop took the baffle out of the exhaust, and also another restrictor. Only concern was there was a small bog at low rpm. I have yet to ride it with the baffle back in to confirm, but would this be a jetting issue? I think I'll leave the baffle in to make it a little quieter. Looking forward to getting some more ride time soon. Cheers
  3. Jason-k

    Long distance 250X

    CowboyBob - that 15 hours is only recommended if RACING...Hardly the kind of riding my dad will be doing. Just to clarify, most of my riding will be tight trails. I'm not buying it for the old man to ride, it's just a bonus if he can take it with him on the desert run, which is why the questions were raised. The problem I've got with taking the spares, is that the old man would have no hope of even adjusting valves, let-alone replacing a piston! Espescially in the desert with minimal tools. Unfortunately, it's the 05 model, as the local dealer can't get hold of an 06 until march next year apparently. Either way, I'm getting a good deal, so it doesn't really bother me. Should have it friday I think! Thanks again. Although I think it would be peace of mind if he just got himself a torquey monster like the XR400/650. Cheers
  4. Jason-k

    Long distance 250X

    Thanks for the reply. I'm in NSW, about 2 hours north of Newcastle. When I say desert run, I mean out across the Simpson Desert or Canning Stock Route, with a few other bikes plus 4x4's. He has previously taken our old XL250 across there, which made it across fine, but it's getting a bit long in the tooth now. There's not a demand for torque with the riding he does - mostly high speed, low throttle, some sand work. As you say, long distance touring. It's not so much bush trails they ride, but more deteriorated dirt roads. Thanks for the advice, Jason
  5. Jason-k

    Long distance 250X

    Hey guys. New to this site, looks great! I just put a deposit down for a new CRF250X, should pick it up next weekend. Just after a bit of advice. My father is looking at taking it on a desert run later next year. The one thing that's bothering me, is the maintenance that is talked about on here, including valve adjustment/shimming required so often. He will be riding probably up to 3000 kilometres total, but most of it will be relatively easy throttle, fairly high speed riding at around 80km/h. Obviously I have been looking at gearing, to lower the revs at speed to try and help prolong engine life. Would going to a 45 tooth rear cause too much bog on takeoff in first gear? With the bike setup like this, would it be possible to expect the engine to last that long (with regular oil/filter changes of course) without any valve adjustment??? The reason I ask, it's a little hard to stop and adjust/shim valves with minimal tools out in the desert! If it's cutting a line too fine, I'll just tell him to buy a second hand XR400 and be done with it. Thanks in advance, Jason