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  1. bradc-wr450

    Header guard on a budget

    Thought I'd pass on an idea that is working well on my bike. The problem everyone has after putting on a new header (FMF power bomb for me) is the lack of heat shield/guard. The after market version are kinda spendy for me and I saw a couple fab ideas but as I was at Home Depot (my favorite place) it donned on me that the stock one might work... Turns out, you can bend it to fit the new header easily and with a few large flat top bolts, washers, nuts (for stand off) and 2 or 3 hose clamps you are in business. I've been running mine for a month or so and even have a desert race on it without any problems. See ya on the trail or in the sand
  2. bradc-wr450

    plastic kits

    I have an 04 and put the YZF rear fender and side shouds on with no problems. You have to make a couple mods for the over flow tank and lines but this is really simple.
  3. bradc-wr450

    GOING TO MOAB!! any advice to give???

    camping gear, water, gps, skid plates and guts. the traction is amazing. get a map of the trails and ask around about the trail conditions. GREAT place to ride. extra fuel is a good thing on some of the longer trails.
  4. bradc-wr450

    right boot covered in oil!!!!??

    I just had the same thing happen to me... the store here has what you need and it was a 2 minute fix that looks good and should last. The gasket comes with it. I ordered one (not knowing...) so now I have an extra, I guess. Took a couple days to get here.
  5. bradc-wr450

    trade me exhausts

    I have a 04 WR450 with a brand new Pro Moto Billet insert (and the stock insert) but don't know if that would fit. I've been thinking of getting a new silencer but need to have the spark arrester for trail use... and the desert race series. Don't know if you pipe has that. Also have to pass tech inspection for max db levels. So, if you know all that stuff or someone else can answer it, I may be interested.
  6. bradc-wr450

    Cherry red FMF power bomb normal?

    Hey do you adjust for the FMF and PowerNow stuff? The post info for jetting has elev and temp but says nothing about pipes, powernow, etc... do you adjust your jetting a little richer to compensate for that?
  7. bradc-wr450

    Cherry red FMF power bomb normal?

    Thanks for the tip. The elevation in Boise is around 3000' and the mountains we ride in range up to maybe 6000-7000'. The temp is the thing that changes so much over the course of the day. Not wanting to do jetting mid day everytime I ride. I like top performance but will settle for something that runs strong at all elev and temp and requires no real attention. I have friends that are constantly "tweeking" their system and it gets old... going up in the main and pilot today. Also going to see if I can find a Zip ty in town since I have a little race this weekend in the desert...
  8. bradc-wr450

    Cherry red FMF power bomb normal?

    Guess the bike info is important... 04 WR450
  9. Has anyone else seem their FMF Power bomb header glow? I have all the "free mods" done at this point. Also have PowerNow and PowerNow plus installed. Currently running the stock silencer and stock jetting... changing that later today. Gas is pump supreme, not race gas. The pipe glows red when I warm up the bike and the color changes as you hit the gas. At idle it's just kinda dark red but when you rev it up it makes the pipe glow RED up to the bend area (under the corner of the radiator which is of concern). Not sure if this is normal or if the bike is running really hot. Thanks for the input.