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  1. neville15

    Stalling when hot???

    My 04 RMZ250 is stalling when it gets hot. if it idles for about 30 secs or about 5 laps of the MX track...it gets hot and then cuts out. We've tested it when idling and it seems to lose spark at that point. If it cools slightly then 3 kicks and it starts right up again. Initially I had a blown head gasket, so I replaced both the head and base, checked the valves and compression. Still no joy. I noticed the flange from the head to the carb starting to tear, and fixed that up, but didnt replace it. Then we got another 04 RMZ. We swopped out all the electricals one by one. when I ran all my electricals on the other bike it ran sweetly, but with the other working machine's electrics my bike still persisted to cut out. We even swapped the wiring loom and the ECU. What else could it be? it doesnt seem to be electrical? bad earth? is that flange causing it? Condensation in the pickup cover? Anyone had the same thing happen?
  2. neville15

    Clutch Dragging

    I'm definately going to replace the springs with new ones. I try that first, if it happens again then I'll shim them up to preload the spring. Thanks for the link
  3. neville15

    Clutch Dragging

    The fingers on the basket were quite grooved. I filed the edges down and flattened them to allow the plates to slide out easier. Seems to be much better, but I measured the springs while I had them out and they're almost 3 mm out of spec. I'll order new ones and replace them when they arrive.
  4. neville15

    Almost too hard to Kick

    Yeah I cant believe it could actually work with so many things out of order! It's so much better now, starts first kick, and has a nice lever feel on the starter. I can't wait to go riding!
  5. neville15

    Almost too hard to Kick

    Just cracked the head open again, found the problem alomst immediately. It seems the Cams were not installed properly and were sitting too far over in the head. The C clips were not seated and were running on the inside of where they sould have been, not in the groove at all. All this was causing the Auto decompressor to run up against the inside of the head, making the decompressor stick open, thus never decompressing. To make matters worse, the timing was also out one tooth. Good thing we caught it fairly early. Some quick adjustments and the bolts re-torqued to the new spec. Oil and filter change, and the bike is running sweet.
  6. neville15

    Clutch Dragging

    Ever since I got my bike it seems to drag when the clutch is engaged. Even after adjuting it to get maximum pull on the lever, in gear the bike wants to move forward and the chain is taught. It seems to half engage and then later release, and a little later it drags again. If you dont keep the revs up, it will stall. I have replaced all the cork plates and checked the steel ones for signs of warping, the basket looks like new still? I have changed the oil to a fully synthetic but still have the same problem. The clutch cable is also new. It doesnt make too much difference when riding though, it doesnt slip. Is there anything else I should be looking for in the clutch?
  7. neville15

    Almost too hard to Kick

    I think I'm gunna get my mechanics to open it up again and check the timing bits and pieces. I think the intake cam was pretty tight, might go a little softer on the torque, and recheck the clearances. I think I'm also gunna have them set the carb to the standard needle position etc. It's almost like it gets stuck at a point in the stroke and there aint no way that lever is going anywhere.
  8. neville15

    Almost too hard to Kick

    I have an 04 RMZ250, when I got the bike (used) the kick start felt like a hot knife through butter, super soft with hardly any force required to kick, starting was difficult, especially when hot, required a lot of kicking! I have now replaced the valves with a Kibblewhite black diamond set, with matching springs and retainers and stem seals. Also replaced the piston rings while we were at it. The seats had nick's in them so we had the seats machined to match the new valves perfectly. We then set the valve clearances. Now the kick start is almost impossible to depress. It sticks right at the top and is quite solid all the way through the stroke, and still takes a good couple of kicks to start when hot. It will only start in neutral and with the decompression lever pulled in. I thought the RMZ450 was hard to start, but that is a breeze in comparison. I love the bike to bits, and want this starting problem sorted! Can anyone help?