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  1. 4chevys4me

    Thinking about a trip to Southwick

    Get a good sand tire front and rear. Learn to ride faster than you want to stay on top of the sand. Watch your entry speed into the corner and you front brake. Go to the practice sessions and ride with or follow someone around for a lap or two. Keep your weight back and the throttle is your best friend, front brake, not so much. Oh yea the best part is just when you think you have the track figured out it will change every lap. Ruts that wern't there a lap before will swallow you up fast. Southwick may be one of the only tracks that time and races here will help you in the long run. You start to learn where the ruts will form and where the smooth lines will be. Save energy and don't fight the track, it will come to you if you are patient. Relax and have fun there. it it one of the best tracks I have ever raced. People are friendly for the most part and will help if possible. The first track days will be packed and frustrating at best. Ride and enjoy. I'm sure others will chime in on this one. If it's dry and hot I hope you like to eat sand and CHOKE and GAG all day.
  2. 4chevys4me

    Broke my femur, no more bikes

    Wrong place, wrong gear, wrong speed, wrong rock, just wrong wrong. Took almost 1.5hrs fpr the paramedics to get to me from the time it happened. I was very happy to see the needle coming at my arm. Just a bad chance happening. For all the times I didn't crash, I sure made up for it.
  3. 4chevys4me

    Broke my femur, no more bikes

    when I broke it it was in 12 pieces. my foot was under my chin. It broke just over my knee. They were not sure they could save it. All they really did was stabilize it with a plate. Once that healed it was 30% off to the inside and short. They re broke the femur and fixed the crookedness but now even shorter Plate was then put back on since there was nothing realy to attach the rod to down by my knee. 9 months later I was trying to walk on doctors ordes and the plate broke and it broke again. At this point there was enough bone down low. There has been so much trauma there that the bone is healing very slow. 8 months since the rod and I am walking around now, but no muscle mass left. Getting it back is realy hard. I am 43 and not willing to go through this again anytime soon. I'm sure in a couple of years I'll get the itch back and then I can race in the vet class again.
  4. Broke my femur almost 2 years ago and doctor has told me NO MORE DIRT BIKES. I have gotten rid of almost all the bikes and was holding out for better news before this. I must sell the 05 CRF 450X. This bike has very low hours and has had the oil changed every 100 miles both sides no matter what. ANAL i know, but i figured i'd keep this forever. This bike has everything possible. GPR stabilizer, skid plate, radiator guards, jd jet kit, new tires, suspenssion just serviced. tag fat bars, hand guards, renthal sprockets and much more. Either sell for $4,200 as is or trade for 4X4 atv of same condition +- some cash. adult owned and this bike has NEVER been down. I have pics I can e-mail Paul 413.246.8843
  5. 4chevys4me

    Injury Story time!!!

    Went for a 1/2 hour ride last Aug. Got my foot tangled up in a root and fell and broke my Femur in 12 places. My leg looks like a home Depot hardware add. 2 botched surguries and alomst 9 months later and I still can't walk. My only Nurse comparrison is that when they had me all doped up I was flashing all the nurses. (my wife reminded me of that) Even she said I was funny wasted like that. Carefull out there.
  6. Anyone going? I may have an extra ticket if anyone is interested. I'm flying out tomorrow. If anyone is interesed just send me a PM. I will only have one extra. Paul
  7. 4chevys4me

    gearing question, YZ 250

    I went for the 14/48. Not much time to test so far, but much longer legs now. I was out over the weekend and was pretty disapointed in the 14/51 that was on the bike when I bought it. I ride a 450X in the woods now and bought this for the track. Even on our local track the gearing was just too short. The spread now feels much better to me. I agree that I probably will be going through some clutches. Thank you for all the help and opinions. Oh yea, anyone riding the 250 in the woods owes it to themselves to try either a WR of the CRf X 450's. Paul
  8. 4chevys4me

    How was the 1992 WR250?

    I just found a 2000 yz 250 for $1000 in near mint shape. So that might be a little much. Mine needed a rear tire and rear fender, that was it.
  9. 4chevys4me

    gearing question, YZ 250

    I have 2000 yz 250 and I don't like the current gearing. It goes through the gears way too fast. I have enough motor to pull a larger gear. I just seem to be shifting too much. current gearing is 51t rear and 14t front. Any suggestions? Thank you Paul P.
  10. 4chevys4me

    New/Used 2000 YZ 250

    I just picked up a very clean and low hour 2000 yz 250. Anything I need to look out for? I have been mostly trail riding for the last 10 years. I have a 450X for that. I did a Vintage race a couple of weeks ago at Southwick, MA after 23 years out of racing all together. I raced a MINT 1983 IT 175 (Not reccomended). Well I came in first in the 80-200 class Vintage "c". Well I got hooked all over again. Now at the youg age of 41 I figure I get back into it. The suspension and power are sure to help my body. Bike is all stock. Any Helpful tricks for this bike? I'm getting the suspension done this week. Oh, yea. I paid $1000. and it came with 2 new filters and a new front tire. Rear is stock and shot. Any good tires for sand tracks? Thank you Paul
  11. 4chevys4me

    yellow plastic for 00 YZ 250

    WOW AWESOME. I'll give them a call. Thank you Paul
  12. 4chevys4me

    yellow plastic for 00 YZ 250

    Anyone know where I could get some yellow plastic and a decal kit for a 2000 YZ 250? any help would be great. Also, if anyone has done this please post a pic, Thank you
  13. 4chevys4me

    Washing the X, how often is too often

    It's the casterol super clean, I have had 0 problems. I use it on both my bikes and all my snowmobiles as well. I tried the greased lightning product once and it did as you described.
  14. 4chevys4me

    Washing the X, how often is too often

    I ride in Mud and dust as well. When I'm done for the day I let the bike cool down then spray Casterol purple degreaser all over the entire bike and then let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then just simply rince off with the hose. My bike always looks new. This product will not discolor aluminum or any other parts. I have an 05 and it looks like it might have 5 rides on it. Give it a shot. I get it at wal-mart in a gallon container. Paul
  15. 4chevys4me

    tera flex rear

    Tire ad also claims that you can run them flat. That is a huge advantage. I have limped home on a flat and that sucks. and also ruins the tire. Changing a tire on the trail is really not an option. Just my 2 cents. I tried to post a pic, but I can not do it.