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  1. kpcr

    Runs good with air filter off

    My sons "Built" 110 runs good with the air filter off and not so great with it on. What could be the problem?
  2. Jets & carb are clean
  3. One of our CRF50s will only run with the choke on. It has a TB 88kit. Starts fine buty shuts off as soon as choke is off. Any ideas?
  4. kpcr

    So Cali shop

    Mini Gunz
  5. I am trying to purchase New Triple Clamps for my son for Xmas but I am a little confused. I don't see anyone that sells stock offset clamps they are 21mm or 22mm or 24mm. What is stock? What is the difference in handling with the difference offsets?
  6. kpcr

    Desert Racing a 450R?

    I don't race but I ride the desert alot. I have a 450R but have ridden my cousin's 650. The 650 is really fast and smooth (like a Cadillac) but the front wheel isn't easy to get off the ground. I like my 450 because of the snap off the throttle. If something pops up unexpectedly, like they do they do in the desert, on the 450 a little more gas gets the front up it. On the 650 you plow through it. I run a 18" rear wheel, IMS tank, heavier flywheel, 14 tooth front sprocket
  7. kpcr

    Blown '03

    When my son's blew last year there were some good deals on ebay for new motors
  8. kpcr

    advice on a flywheel for my 07 450r

    I put a Trail Tech on mine. It helped with stalling but it reduced the engine braking tremendously. Before when I was going fast on a whoop trail when I let of the gas it want to throw me over the bars. After installing the larger flywheel it is not as much of an issue. I put the biggest one without grinding the case cover. (but I had to anyway, it still rubbed)
  9. kpcr

    2009 CRF450 fuel tank?

    Is there a larger tank made yet?
  10. kpcr

    2009 CRF450 fuel tank?

    My son got an '09 for Christmas. Last weekend was first real riding on it. His only complaint is fuel capacity. He went on a ride with an RMZ450 & CRF250R all ahd stock tanks and his '09 CRF450 ran out when the others did not. They were guessing about 30 miles.
  11. kpcr

    Blown '03

    My 2003 CRF450R siezed this weekend. Iwas pinned on a powerline road when I let of to slow down there was a little clank-clank and the wheel locked up and stalled, I pulled the clutch coasted tried to bump start and no spin. I know from experience (my sons crf250 siezed last New Years) that it's about $1500 to fix what ever it is. The bike is nice but I think it was only worth about $2500-$3000 when running. So I am weighing out a part out or fix it. My son has a new 09 450 so I have his 05 250 to ride (with a few fat old guy mods). I was going to sell the 250 but may keep it. Just trying to decide. Any interest out there in 03 parts?
  12. kpcr

    need forks and shock

    I was kidding. But it is for sale. 2005 $ 1750
  13. kpcr

    need forks and shock

    I do but they are attached to a motorcycle. You can purchase the entire package.
  14. kpcr

    CR 85 shock question

    I put KX 100 forks & CR85 Shock on my daughters bike. It was a little stiff for her (100 lbs). I backed the spring out as far as I could and it helped alot. As for mounting the shock: It was a little bit of work. I had to cut, drill & tap lower mounting fork on shock, shim the linkage and grind the metal bushing on top. I cut CR85 Shock 1/4" longer than stock shock. I used info from TT Forum. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/sho...d.php?t=446714
  15. kpcr

    2005 crf250r locked up

    My sons 05 250F siezed over the weekend. Valves adjusted 3 rides ago & I change oil like crazy. I just had new valves & piston done on my 450 and was going to do my sons next. I think we will need to do the crank now. Anyone know of an engine guy in So. Cal. Long Beach or O.C. area? I can get the parts but don't want pay the dealer for the work & it's a little too much for me to tackle now.