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  1. what do you mean "road" ? hehe... yes, we drive at the right side.. I have an SM, so, even though i go sometimes up on the mountain (i live at volos, just underneath the mount Pilion) i cant say i enjoy it, being down all the time, for no reason :< i am in the process of converting it into an S, so that i can have fun too also, i have 2 friends here, one with a dr-z 400 s '06, and the other an x-husky rider, now owing a dr 350 '92 :S They go up on Pilion 3 times a week, so i must hurry and fix my moto, cause i have a looooot to learn from them..
  2. aha. there was also a snowmobile racing track, among my photoz, but i chose to upload the scenery, with fireroads etc
  3. hm... i will check at e-bay, but being in greece, i dont think shipping here is an option :< ... so, new sm rotors, wheels from an s, and some knobbies. but what is this issue with speedo tabs and drive? i've never heard anything about them before, in an Sm -> S conversion.. as an alternative, i was thinking of just spending 100 euros or something, on 17' dirt tires, like Continental TKC 80, as ositech suggested. http://www.conti-online.com/generator/www/de/en/continental/motorcycle/themes/motorcycletires/enduro/tkc_80/tkc80_en.html it wont be the same, but for some reason, it itches me, to see how they work on dirt.....
  4. well, not exactly drz or moto relevant, but on request of Ositech, here they are, pictures from Greek mountains.. The place is Valia Calda, at Grevena, northwestern greece..
  5. thanx everyone for all the info :> i was wondering what is better, buy stock wheels - rotors from suzuki, or try an aftermarket branch, like excel? also, Ositech, i'll start a new thread, for your request
  6. Hello, and wishes for a healthy (above all) new year.. I searched in the drz 400 forum, but apart from some scatered information, i couldnt find a definite guide-thread, concerning a conversion from sm to s.. i have my sm 1 year now, and i am tired of all the pointless falls i have when i go riding up on the mountain, thus, is time for some changes... again, have a smooth and joyfull new year!
  7. yeah, i remember fang, i've seen her some months ago for the first time.. i REALLY like her face , but not at all her tail you've changed the radiator scoops right? why's that? needed more black? :> also, i was wondering, what kind of bars do u use?
  8. no essential mods yet, apart from renthal and pirellis.. just some new custom clothes (check garage for more pics..)
  9. here's a quick one: place: in front of a suzuki moto store actions: rode the bike, started the engine, engaged 1st gear, opened throttle, fell off the bike. steering lock: locked .......
  10. The eternal debate about black or yellow... i say both. yellow face, black tail.. before and after.. (only thing left is the customized seat cover... 'll post when finished..)
  11. hm.... george patchoros... sounds like a greek name, are you from greece?
  12. so, what bars for sm riding? as i see it, there's no use for a high bend (rc high) 'cause there's no need to ride standing up... Also, for some reason, it seems better to me (better control-feedback from the bike, that is) having low bend bars... p.s. fatbar or twinwall? no professional riding here (obviously :>) but let's just say, i have the money... should i go for a twinwall? is there a good (any) reason?
  13. what stiltz meant (i think) was to cover the brake, so, in case of emergency, you can allways "cancel" the wheelie, and live to stunt another day...
  14. ---renthal twinwalls--- what advantages do they have over the simple fatbars? why the fuss? :>
  15. hehehehe that's just ridiculus!