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    mx 101 in epping,NH

    To all sorry about the watering issues. We have been trying to loosen up the soil per your requests and running the haro more. Should not get as slick.We just had Chappell Tractor sponsor us with a tractor for the season. Conditions should only get better. Please support them they support the sport.
  2. devilman1

    mx 101 in epping,NH

    we will be open and look forward to having u there. Check out the new web site http://rpmbuzz.com/mx101/
  3. devilman1

    mx 101 in epping,NH

    thanks for the input. I'll relay the info.
  4. devilman1

    NewHampshire mx 101 in epping,NH

    Not sure if any of you have been to MX101,but a friend of mine and I have just taken over the sales and promo positions. We would like your opinions on the track.Good or bad. We are planning improvements daily. The kids track has just been redone now it is more of a mini SX track . They have added a small endurocross track and a 1/2 mile woods loop. The dirt has improved greatly on the mx track and a large track expansion is slated for this season.Bringing the total distance to 1 1/2 miles. A track wide PA system is also in the works. We are looking for more ideas so please respond.
  5. lets all face it quads are slower than mx bikes.My brother has a raptor 700se (stock)and my son has a ktm lc50 pro(stock) the bike will pull 1 bike length on it everytime in a 1/8th mile drag race.The only place I can see a quad having an advantage is in the soft sand.
  6. pretty crazy suff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_4WYaJeQec&mode=related&search=
  7. devilman1

    Maine Trail System..

    we ride every other saturday in Maine wouldn't mind showing you around
  8. devilman1

    vid of my dads thumper

    leave the kid alone his dad has more skills both on and of the track than you will ever have who cares about bikes with loud pipes like you bitching to a kid is going to fix the problem!!!!! Just stf up
  9. devilman1

    230 gangsta' freetsyle 2 video.

    That was some brokeback freestyle
  10. devilman1

    06 525 exhaust note to quite

    take the 4 bolts off the end cap and remove the spark arrestor this will give you a much louder pipe and a ton more horse power then you can screw the spark arrestor to the top of the seat and make a locating pin this will keep you in place from all that exra power.
  11. devilman1

    lifan side cover

    here is a link for the part www.dratv.com/flcocdimoshc.html
  12. devilman1

    lifan side cover

    try www.dratv.com good stuff cheap
  13. devilman1

    what pipe is the loudest for a xr 50

    I don't mind loud pipes. Then I know who's ass to kick for getting riding areas shut down.
  14. devilman1

    Pretty kool moto vid

    The old pastrana footage is from global addiction the rest is from crusty's !cool video though.
  15. devilman1

    cool moto video

    check this out http://videos.streetfire.net/Player.aspx?fileid=906FB581-9141-46C2-AF49-69C9E1EDD909&kw=248&p=2