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  1. ya they have changed the hole thing its now a pro level track with obstacles that are fun and challenging should be some great riding and racing
  2. i ride there all the time they are just finishing the new pro track i was there yesterday and walked it. the track looks sweet they have done a good job on it cant wait to ride it
  3. We are going down to Indian Graves south of long view 1.30 from Calgary
  4. i would not go rubber mount that is the first thing i change on my bikes. in my opinion they just do not work for me they feel soft and if you hit a tree like in cross country they get f@#$ed up. the rg3 are good but a lot of money the tag sound good.
  5. i have it on my 06 and it is bolted on the out side and i have no problems with heat or melting.
  6. i have the carbon pro and i do not think so i have not seen anything for it but will checkwith supplier
  7. It is for a 06 i just put on the white brothers carbonpro full system and it is sweet!!!
  8. i have the stock full system you can have it for nothing.
  9. I have the carbon pro and it is probably the nicest pipe i have ever had.
  10. I Have The Carbon Pro And Its Sweet.
  11. i just got the whitebrothers full system for mine carbon pro anyone have it ?