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  1. I picked up a TLR200 today with just 16.2 original miles! The original owner dumped it gently (broken rear turn signal) and apparently got scared & parked it in his garage for the next 30 years until he past away and it was sold in an estate sale.
  2. It's still for sale. $4900 I've had one guy come look at it so far. He didn't own a bike and seemed a little put off that I wouldn't let him ride my KX. Needless to say, he didn't buy it. My neighbor who is about 5 foot 5 inches tall wants to ride it too. Ummmm, no. I would be interested in a possible trade. No junk though. I'm really after a 1500cc goldwing but shoot me your other offers. I realize that most guys who own a goldwing are older and won't have a need for a street legal kx500 but who knows?!
  3. I've decided I AM gonna kill myself on this beast so it's for sale. I hope links are OK here. I didn't see a classified forum. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230599000028
  4. Harbor frieght. Getting the bike up on the stand is a B&TCH though. There's nothing to grab on the bike to lift it. And the bike is so high before the rear tire even comes off the ground. It's a 2 person job unless someone gives up some secrets.
  5. Gold look much better than black!
  6. Thanks. I love them! I got them from RTR precision wheel lacing in Florida. http://www.rtrwheellacing.com/ They were fairly expensive.
  7. To me, "$2500 cash" means the seller will really take 19 $100 bills. If I were selling a bike, I would not accept a check and let the bike go that day. I would accept a check and let the bike go when it cleared. How hard is it to get to the bank and take out the cash? Really?
  8. And I thought I got into a lot of trouble on my hayabusa. I'll probably have my license suspended or end up in jail after a couple weeks of riding this thing!
  9. I never even thought bout the airbox. I put the one with the hole on over the gas cap and tried it every way but it wasn't looking right. I actually like them on the airbox. They add a little color where it's otherwise dark. Just got the new seat. I had it done professionally for $80 and I supplied the cover. Kind of expensive but... oh well. Normally, I'd do it myself but I didn't want this seat having any wrinkles or screw ups in it. New seat, side covers, front fender, fork guards, fx evo 7 graphics, swingarm decals, grips, folding mirrors are on. The new wheels and tires + renthal chain & sprocket set going on next. I'm waiting on my head to come back from Larrys and I can finally ride the bike! BEFORE AFTER
  10. ummmm... where do these 2 decals go on a kx5? FX Evo 7 graphics looking pretty good... if I do say so myself. Emgo folding mirrors installed.
  11. I'm getting back into offroad riding and have been buying gear to keep my 44 year old body safer. I know I don't heal as fast as when I was 24. I picked up an Arai XD3, EVS armored ballistic jersey, Klim Baja pants, Klim adventure gloves and just now bought a pair of Fox comp 5 boots from rocky mountain. I just can't see spending $500+ on boots that I'm gonna beat the hell out of in the dirt. Under $200 is more of a realistic price point for me. I should be well protected now! Thanks for mentioning rocky mtn Kryon! I'd never heard of them.
  12. Watch ebay religiously. I just picked up these new excel rims (laced by RTR precision lacing) with better spokes, new bearings/seals and good used brake discs and hubs. $300
  13. Sweet videos ! ! My new front fender will be flapping around like that soon. Got the new fork lowers on too. Tinkering on the bike tonight. A little shine goes a long way toward making an old bike look new again.
  14. The stock rims on my KX have quite a bit of stick-on lead weights about 180 degrees away from the rim lock. The previous owner had them put on and they stayed in place. It kind of makes sense that the single rim lock would need to be compensated for on the other side of the rim... or else the wheel would be way out of balance. The balance might not be an issue doing 30-40mph in the dirt but I think it will be travelling 70-80mph on the street.