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  1. A few more!
  2. Hey everyone! Its been a long time since Ive been on here. I sold my Jap bike last year and decided to start sipping the KTM juice. I got a little carried away. I own a kustom and fab shop in Orange County CA so I had to at least make it look cool! The bike rides amazing. Ill try to get on here more! Thanks for all your help over the years!
  3. Its been a while since Ive been on here since I sold my Kawi but heres my 2013 KTM 500 EXC. I do customs in Orange County CA so I had to change it up. Thanks for looking! Follow me on Instagram @firehouse_fabrication
  4. Its the hardline tach and hour meter. I figured it could be that but what the heck, I think its dumb they market it for this application then. Ill try another portable tach i have to see if thats the case. Thanks
  5. Hey everyone, so I read a few times to set my idle to 2000 rpm. My problem is that when my choke/idle screw is turned all the way to the highest idle possible, my tach still says 1850 or so. I know this may be close enough to leave, but I am just curious as to why my bike was at 850 rpm from the dealer and why now i can only get it up to 1850 or so. I did notice it kicks over every first kick now but dang 2000 seems fast. Thanks for any ideas you have!
  6. You could use a green scotch brite pad and run it lengthwise back and forth which would give you a dull brushed aluminum look or but a cheepo gravity fed silica sand blaster from harbor freight ($18) and some silica sand and sand blast the frame rail. Just be sure to cover the rest of the bike with some painters plastic, leaving only the polished rail exposed. If you do it over dirt the mess wont be too bad. I wouldnt recommend doing in a garage unless you want it dusty. I think the sandblast idea would look the most uniform and stock.
  7. aint nothin wrong with discoloration. if you want to prevent it...dont ride it?!?!
  8. man...i wish they looked as good as the kawi team graphics
  9. marshmallows anyone?
  10. Check ebay....theres always a few floating around
  11. what about transport? is it possible the thing got wrenched down with the tie downs???
  12. I just put the system on my bike and it seems to me that each individual part is interchangeable. Do the silencer first. I know the megabomb is tempting to bolt on, but the stock header will do just fine for the time being. Just to be careful, call fmf first and double check on if it will fit.
  13. well ill ask you some questions about your bike anyways haha so now the post will be legit. i'm guessing those are one industries graphics. do you know the name of the kit? their site wont load for me for some reason. thanks
  14. If youre going to use a buffing wheel (the bench grinder style) you need to use a rouge (spelling?) its like a big bar of soap thats green in my case. Your local machine shop should sell a particular polishing rouge for aluminum. Most likely you will need a cutting polish to take off any rough finish or anodizing and a finer rouge to actually put the polish on it. Personally I have polished a bunch of stuff over years, but the swingarm would be a pain to maintain. It will make the slightest flaws from normal riding look 10x worse. Just my 2 cents. It would look bitchen though.