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  1. I've seen them on bikes before, and since I gotta replace my nasty-white stockers, I figured I'd go with something that won't get nasty so quickly. I can't find anybody that makes them, though. I'm talking about the plastic vents in front of the radiators, not aftermarket screens or braces. These were just like the stockers, but black.
  2. Fulch13

    St Louis Supercross Lites Clip *SPOILER*

    But Canard actually said in the post race interview on the JumboTron (I was there) "I didn't want to take Ryan out like that, but I really wanted this championship". We were on the opposite side of the jump, in the riders seating section, so I didn't see it, only the aftermath. Swinging out wide to prevent a pass is one thing. But apparently even Canard saw it as a take-out.
  3. The shop I work for is buying a trailer this winter for me to use to race out of (generous, I know...and completely unexpected). The GM is looking at either a 28ft. bumper pull or (at my suggestions) a 36 ft. gooseneck. The box difference is only 2 ft. between the two, with the other 6 feet over the tongue, as I understand it. The extra useable space isn't as much a concern as ease of pulling (I understand that 5th wh's are easier to tow?). Is that a sound plan? The BP weigth is around 3500 and the 5W is around 5300. For what it's worth, the GM mentioned a preference for Featherlite, which obviously drops the weight a lot. Now for my truck. Currently I have a '01 F150 SuperCrew 4x4 w/ the 5.4 w/ 114K on it and a 7x14 WellsCargo tandem (weighs 1800 empty) that I currently race out of. The last couple of times I pulled it, I had 3 450s in the trailer, plus a couple of coolers, chairs, tools, gear, etc., a 65 and a pit bike in the truck and 4 adults in the truck. My truck didn't really "complain" but only got like 9.5 mpg. It gets about 13.5 during the week. Next year, I'm looking at 4 big bikes, 2 little bikes, a pitbike and a PW, plus all our stuff...I'm guessing 2000 lbs. total. We'll be traveling around 1 & 1/2 hours each way around the hills of Western Ky, 2-3 weekends a month April-October. I'm thinking of getting a diesel to pull with next year. Most diesels get 16-17 mpg regular driving (and my father in law with a '05 Dodge Crew Diesel and a BullyDog system gets 23-24) and doesn't get killed when towing. But I was told the other day that a newer model 1500 would pull that weight perfectly fine, and that any used diesel will have been worked hard already, plus the obviously higher maintenance costs. Thoughts on that? I'm certainly not looking at new, and have been looking at '03 '04 '05 F250s w/ around 100K on the clock. I don't think I'll be anywhere near the capacity on any diesel truck, but does one do better than another? I've been told to go with a Dodge Diesel and the gooseneck, but am looking for some other, experience-based opinions. The two biggest questions...bumper or gooseneck; and which diesel or should I just keep what I've got in my truck?
  4. Fulch13

    Have you seen the Leatt brace??

    That's all fine and good. I'd seen that same story in another thread somewhere. I'm not debating that the thing may help. I'd just like to see a direct comparison between the brace and something like a 661 or EVS neck roll. To be perfectly honest, I can't believe that the Leatt company itself didn't do some comparison testing of their own. I would think they'd WANT to be able to say 'prevents spine compression by X% better than leading neck rolls" or something along that line. You get the idea. I'm not puting a price on a broken neck, but I'd like to see some kind of numbers before I lay out $600 over the neck roll I already have.
  5. Fulch13

    Have you seen the Leatt brace??

    A few thoughts after looking over their website... The GPX model looks more suited for MX, the other is apparently more suited for cars. But the GPX looks like it wouldn't really prevent rearward flexion of the neck (where the Moto R, with it's taller back anel, looks like it would). And it doesn't look like it sits that tall. It looks like it's about the same height as my 661 collar attched to my chest protector. I understand that the solid materials of the Leatt might prevent more compression than the softer materials of the 661. I'm not arguing that (or arguing anything for that matter). I'm just not sure about it. And $500 is pretty steep. I know, I know...you can't put a price on a spinal injury. But don't flame me for asking... I just wonder how much more effective it is, or will be, than a traditional neck collar. I, like others above, would like to see some sort of comparison (from a neutral third party...not the company that makes the product. That always gives a 'tainted results' feel to it) between the brace and other 'neck-roll' type collars.
  6. Fulch13

    Old XR

    When I have this type of problem, I just replace the pilot jet. I don't even try to clean them out. They're so small, it's almost impossible to look at them and tell if they're clean. And they only cost like $3 for a new one. Just replace it just to be sure.
  7. So I'm about to tear down my forks and resping them, along with fresh oil at the rate and level that RaceTech suggested for my weight, etc., etc. My suspension guy said I'd probably be fine w/ 5 wt., that I MIGHT need 7, but we'd start with 5 (I forgot to ask RaceTech aboutthe wieght I should use 3 months ago). So I'm looking through the catalog at my dealer for 5 & 7 weight oil and I see RaceTech 'Suspension Fluid' (NOT oil) in light, medium and heavy weights. There's alos some 'fluid' from somebody else. Noth are synthetics, for something like $23 a quart! Regular oils are around $8 a quart. I'm a Vet rider anyway, so it's not like I'm bombing around and am gonna overheat the fork oil, so I'm thinking I have no need of the high-dollar stuff. Correct? or is there some benefit that I'm not understanding?
  8. OK, every MX track I have ever been to, you run two motos. The two scores combined make up your final finishing position. Around here, it's $25 entry fee and about $6-8 gate fee per person. That entry fee covers practice and BOTH motos. By the time you pay for gas for the bike and for the drive there, you're looking at around $75 or so. generally 4-5 laps of practice, plus 5 laps or so per moto. So you'll get 14-15 laps. If you go to a practice day, generally it's $10 to ride, no gate fee. And you can get in a good 30-40 laps or more. Much more cost-effective. Harescrambles is basically a 2-hour race through the woods. Usually a several mile to 10 mile loop. kinda grueling, but more riding time (obviously) than MX. And I think the atmosphere is a little more laid back. Not sure on those fees. If you're just starting out, go to practice days at your nearest track. And go to several, until you get comfortbale on the track. THEN go try your first race. Take your time, learn, and for God's sake, enjoy yourself. Don't expect tobe Ricky Carmihael the first day out. Just have fun.
  9. Fulch13

    Motorcycle vs. ATV

    Here is what I tell people that come in the Honda shop (where I help out sometimes) looking for their kid a quad. I ask them why specifically a quad and they almost without fail say "Because they're safer." It is true that under putting, sane speeds and toodling around, a quad IS a little more stable, whereas a bike IS easier to fall over on. BUT, and this is the big one...WHEN, NOT if, a kid starts going faster and faster and ets to the point of crashing the bike...the bike will fall over, the kid'll fall over...bumpa-thump...everything's pretty much all good. Pick up, dust off, go on. But when that same kid gets to the point of wrecking a quad, that quad's coming after them, and it's probably going to land on them or roll over them. I've done it enough on both to call it 'research', though not exactly scientific. If it's a person that absolutley is not ever going to go fast whatsoever (like a 60 year old farmer that's going to use it to haul seed) then a quad is fine. But if it's something to play on, the bike is much, MUCH safer..
  10. Fulch13

    Spray On,rinse Off,done Spotless

    I did the 'laundry detergent' method recently for the first time after reading it here. I have to admit I thought "BS" when I was reading it, but my God does it actually work! I've been into bikes for over 25 years, and have NEVER had an easier washing solution. Try it man, it works.
  11. Fulch13

    cocky quad riders

    So let me understand this right...the dad is doing donuts (granted...a goon move)...and when the kid's ride conks out, you decide to show what a badass you are by wheelying past him and presumably scaring the shit out of him? Yeah, you're a real stud. Dipshit. Here's an idea for all of you...if you see someone doing that stuff (donuts and stuff), friggin' say something to them instead of just bitching on here about it. I am a bike racer again now, but raced MX on a quad for the last 6 years. Yes, I've seen some of the stupid antics some of the goons do, but I've actually done something about it and told them to put a stop to it. But I guess that would be too easy for all of you "I'm superior" types. Easier to piss and moan on the internet than to actually do anything.
  12. Fulch13

    Vintage Motocross goggles.

    I just sent some pics of the visors I've got.
  13. That's what they did on the ATV National Circuit. It was a 265 2 Stroke/450 4 Stroke class. I think they've changed the class sturcture since then, but I know that's what it was a couple of years ago.
  14. Fulch13

    Vintage Motocross goggles.

    The red Answer mouthguard with one of the JT visors I've got (they're white, with red & blue lettering)...instant vintage. That'd be totally cool. I remember when everybody was wearing those mouthguards...and when the first 'full-face' helmets came out. Good times...
  15. Fulch13

    Vintage Motocross goggles.

    Don't have any goggles, but I have a few vintage JT & JT-Yamaha visors. Still shrink-wrapped to the original cardboard. From prolly early 80s, maybe late 70s. They snapped onto the front of the helmet. I can shoot you some pics if you want.