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  1. rogerg

    1976 Enduro 100 questions

    Good old bike, tamed down for street errands. Tank was green/black/white. Fenders were silver-metallic. Engine was black with little rubber cubes between fins. Oil-injected. Good luck, post some pics when you're done. RG
  2. Just had a look at an older xt, don't see much on these on the yamaha forum. Wondering about picking it up as an old bush beater for relatives/friends etc up for a visit. Took it for a short rip, runs good. Swing arm a bit sloppy, though. Any advice or direction pointing would help me out, thanks
  3. rogerg


    anyone know much about carb on mid 80's 250?
  4. rogerg

    New XR100 owner

    how heavy is the boy? my 12 yr old has an xr80 and he is already pushing it to it limits. He is about 5' tall and 115lbs.
  5. rogerg

    Just lubed my clutch cable

    Just start taking stuff apart and lubing them, but never ever armor-all your seat or grips! A friend did that to my street bike a few years ago and what a mistake! Cheers
  6. rogerg

    carb float

    well....solder on floats didn't do much, I think the extra weight messed it up, ordered new parts for carb...to hell with it!. Hoping not to have to fiddle with timing or float level, having never tackled either before. Am also acid-dipping and coating inside of gas tank, I suspect tiny particles of rust are present even though there is a 6micron fuel-filter in-line. Should get it going before it gets much colder (I hope!)
  7. rogerg

    carb float

    Just made an interesting discovery. Have a 1980 XR80 in otherwise excellent shape. Was running well, then went to running rough and very rich. Fiddled around with jetting, etc after looking through this forum. Got impatient as nothing much changed, even put another brand new spark in bike. Finally took carb completely apart and put parts in my ultra-sonic cleaner (I'm a diver and service my own equip, some people who have dentures also have them, VERY handy!) Noticed tiny bubbles coming out of carb float, but only when ultra-sonic was on. Bike sat for a while, here in our damp climate, and, the brass float deteriorated. Have new float on order, but will try temporary fix with solder. Will update this as things change!