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  1. viking_in_wa

    LTZ 50 help?

    I have heard on some models that there is a restrictor washer in the exhaust pipe right at the jug. pull the head pipe and check it out.
  2. viking_in_wa

    made the switch.

    thanks for the link, thats pretty helpful as far as the how to, but does anybody have suggestions as what to start with as far as jetting with a yoshi RS3 full exhaust? thanks for all the help.
  3. viking_in_wa

    Yoshi vs. Pro Circuit vs. FMF for Z400

    I just got my LT400z and first thing I did was get a yoshi and it made it come alive, I am still having isues of needing more power and am patiently awaiting response.
  4. viking_in_wa

    Suzuki made the switch.

    Hey everybody, I am new to the suzuki forum but a long time member of the yamaha side (bikes). I just purchased a 2003 LTZ400 for $2500 and it is in pretty good shape and runs well, I just installed a Yoshi exhaust and a K&N set up is on the way. I rode it for the first time today and was not at all impressed with the power. I have done a search of previous threads but no real answers as to what to do for real power mods. as far as jets go, mine are stock and need to be changed for the yoshi pipe, but what #s do i go to. Do these have the FCR carb and can the accelerator pump cover be changed. I need more power... Please help. 2nd gear very poopy getting on it on the hills too. Thanks in advance.
  5. viking_in_wa

    new ktm please help

    today I purchased a KTM SXR 50 and I am unsure of the year but think it is possibly a '97'. can i call my local KTM dealer and give the vin and tell me? I got this bike for $100 bucks and it runs like a swiss watch but it is in desperate need of new plastic and other cosmetic stuff. this is my sons first bike and i want it to look as good as i can. I tried a couple of web sites but no luck on any parts for this machine. any help would be appreciated and thanks a bunch in advance. I can get pics and maybe you guys can tell what year it is.
  6. viking_in_wa

    i need help

    i think you need to be a little more clear about your description, does the bike leak coolant only when you let it idle for a few minutes sitting still? this is common for these bikes to do that if they are idling for a length of time wiyhout being reved or riden.
  7. viking_in_wa

    best mods for the 02 426?

    grayracer has a very good point, the fmf system is the wat to go for exhaust and the 450 cam mod is hands down the BEST all around mod that can be done. above and beyond the fact that given proper maintenance these bikes are virtually bullet proof and almost fool proof.
  8. I have a full big gun system for sale, PM me.
  9. viking_in_wa

    This forum is great!

    I have an 02 426 that I may be selling very soon, I am having back surgery and it will be at least a year before i can ride again. get me an email address to send some pics for you. my bike may be one of the cleanest around. and i have the stock exhaust, a big gun system and a fmf T14 titanium system also. plus a spare front and rear wheel.
  10. viking_in_wa

    buying 426, 2001 or 2002?

    go visit motoman393 website for your bk mod, good pics and info. and if you are looking for exhaust for your bike i have a complete big gun system for sale.
  11. i did something close to that 3 weeks ago and i think i fractured 3 ribs. i dont heal up in a couple days no more, more like weeks.
  12. viking_in_wa

    BKmod w/ Exhaust

    when i did my bk mod i also re jetted at the same time and was in my case a mistake. just do the mod and make an adjustable fuel screw and go from there. that may be all you need to do.
  13. viking_in_wa

    Crack in swingarm

    my career is welding and that crack looks easily fixable to me, you need to grind or bevel out the crack and stop drill it on both ends and just lay a nice bead right through the groove you made. mig or tig would both be ok but tig is probably the best bet so you can keep the heat out of it.
  14. viking_in_wa

    Dr 350 Troubles.

    troubles are solved, got that line re-connected and she fires up on the first 2 kicks. runs like a swiss watch now. thanks for all your help everybody, i hope i can re pay the favor someday.
  15. viking_in_wa

    Dr 350 Troubles.

    i just noticed this morning that there was a port coming from the petcock with no hose on it at all. i thought it may be a line for reserve maybe. where is that hose supposed to connect to?