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  1. Yeah, that's great...AMA meets WWF and we end up with AWTF. I hope the AMA follows in the NASCAR vain. Zero toleration for this type of behavior. It is easy enough to bust yourself up without having someone try and ghost ride you. Not that I am loosing any sleep over Alessi, he is the first to need to clean up his act.
  2. Unfortunate the twin pipe is not quieter, but louder than the single pipe. This has already been discussed in the mags and I can tell you through personal experience that this is the case. The twin pipe is quieter under the AMA testing guidelines, meassured at a specified distance at a certain RPM. Under full acceleration (WFO) the bike is noisier. Been to the local track lately? Yeah, pretty much all the 250Fs are running pinned, and the 06 CRF is right up there on the noise-o-meter. I too wish they would have put their effort in the motor (more hit, more grunt).
  3. I rode with a friend this weekend, me on my 06 KXF and him on his 06 CRF, you definitely notice the bog. He and his father have tried everything to jet it out and it's not working. It was very noticeable in a back-to-back against the kx. They are going to wait for aftermarket pipes and probably have PC do some port work to try and get rid of it. Spendy, but not much option.
  4. I am running 4" (101mm) sag on both the 250F and the 450F and both corner very well.
  5. I have not been able to back-to-back the KXF against the RMZ. I did ride an 05 RMZ450 a little while ago and thought that it cornered better than my CRF as well. Different track conditions so it is hard to gage between it and my KXF. I do like the power delivery on the KXF more than the 05 RMZ, but I understand they did some tuning for 06 so again no data points for comparison. You should make sure to compare the forks before you decide. The forks on the KX are really really nice.
  6. Love mine. So do the other 4-5 guys that I know on them. I have about 8 ride hours on it and I just checked thee valves and plug. Plug is burning just right, and the valves are in spec.
  7. IMO: - I like to run a couple of heat cycles before the real break-in. - Check the oil level and airfilter seal before breaking it in. - Spin a few laps at about 80% bring it in let it cool down. - Spin 4-5 laps at race pace, bring it in let it cool down and change the oil. - Good to go. The reason for the quick oil change is to remove any casting imperfections, and anything else that might be in the cases before it can bond to the crank, cams, valve guides, etc.
  8. Actually it is. Just go to the Kawasaki website and read the Description about the KX450F. I quote: "Hand-Finished intake ports maximize...."
  9. Originally I thought that they were just the new AOS, but I just read a report in one f the mags that said they are SSS making it 3 different types of forks used by Kawi for 06. I do know this....they work amazing. Once they broke-in I was absorbing everything with the front end, and they are buttery smooth through the whole stroke.
  10. Love it! I put a post in the "Vet Ride Review" thread in the 450 forum, check it out.
  11. yeah, i posted to your other tread as well. I had your photos mixed with the other ones. Cleraly an 06. did you get it back together? and how many hours on it know after the rebuild. Also, it looks like the valve broke at the spin weld? Do you think it is related to a faulty valve?
  12. yup. mixed your part photos with another guys. Clearly an 06. The valve looks like it came apart at the spin weld.
  13. saw your photos and they look pretty beat to be 06 parts. how about a photo of the SN or VIN?
  14. More riding/racing in Oregon that is close by compared to WA. From a business owner perspective, I do not think that there is a worse state than Washington to start up and run a business. Why do you think Boeing shifted it's headquarters out of state and MS keeps threatening. Check Oregon to see if it is better for business owners. I live in WA and for the most part really like it up hear, but there are times I really want to get out (mostly because it is not friendly to business owners or off-road motorcyclist). my .02
  15. Nice!! Confirms what I have personally seen around here as well. No issues at all with any units I have seen or heard about, including mine