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  1. Thank you for posting this!
  2. Super-T

    Best pictures of 2008

    I usually don't post pictures of myself but thought that my friend did a great job of catching these action shots.
  3. Super-T

    MY new yz250! what do ya think?

    Dave Sweet bike!!!! Reminds me of my old one... wait a minute!?!?! That is my old bike!!!! Enjoy buddy!
  4. Super-T

    Vdr H/s Feb 10th

    I will catch up with you next time I come by the track. My girlfriend and I are off for Moab this weekend so no more time for small talk. Have a great weekend everybody!
  5. Super-T

    Vdr H/s Feb 10th

    Hey Pete... someone needs to tell the girls at the counter as they always ask me for my membership when I sign up? I have had to walk back to my rig to get the card a couple times?
  6. Super-T

    Vdr H/s Feb 10th

    Hey... I lived on the east coast for many years. I am grateful for a place to ride. I remember saying that I would pay a $100 a ride to have a place to go and practice. All I am saying is that you are noticing a decline in racers at your races... This may be why. I have been on this site and heard people complain about the cost of bringing their family through the gate and I agree to some point. $12 for every person that comes to watch you race is silly. What brings in more money...? 90 riders with $30 race fees and $12 gate fees or 300 riders with $30 race fees and $5 gate fees??? I agree that in the big scheme $30 to race is not terrible. It is the add-ons that get silly. If my girlfriend (s) come to watch me race it starts to add up fast. It is enough that I decided to pass on the races this year. That is all I am saying. From a personal standpoint the cost started to out weigh the fun. I have 3 other friends that came to the same conclusion this season. I am trying to make a point as to where some people's minds are and why the turn out has declined. I would love to see Berthoud with 400 racers at each race. That is a lot of fun and is good for the track. I just think that the current cost is too high to grab the weekend racer and get him/her excited about racing there. There are few people that take these races seriously enough to race every event at this cost. The prize for end of series is not a big enough incentive to make people take these that seriously. If this is meant to be a fun winter series then treat it like one and make it cheaper to attend and I think more people will. Maybe I am wrong... I am not a business man for sure. Just speaking from my own experience...
  7. Super-T

    Vdr H/s Feb 10th

    I have been asked to show my card every time I cross the gate???? Maybe I do not need it? If so, that is great? What is the verdict Pete?
  8. Super-T

    Vdr H/s Feb 10th

    Well Pete I like your track and I used to race the HS religiously but I have to say your prices are high. As of right now I am not planning on renewing my membership to your track. If you add up what it will cost me to race the next HS it is a little sad. $20 for the membership, $30 to race, $12 X 3 for a gate fee... No disrespect but that is a little much for a race. I go to IMI a lot and Dwane is holding strong at $10 a ride... No membership. Watkins has raised their prices a little but are still cheaper than you as well as Lakewood. Honestly I wonder if you are creating your own problems by constantly asking for more money? Please don't take this as an attack. I am just stating the reasons for myself and a couple friends not racing your series this year. I raced all but one last year (thanks to a destroyed MCL, PCL and LCL) but just cant justify the money this year. The HS are a ton of fun but a $100 dollar day will almost pay for my gas to drive to Moab??? Consider allowing people to race without the membership and I would be back in. Other than the HS and a very occasional ride in the afternoon I do not make the trip to Berthoud enough to justify the membership. Once again... just speaking my opinion...
  9. Super-T

    VDR Hare Scramble 9-23-07 Round 1

    I know some of the riders that I ride with were a little upset from the mess last year. Not so much the weather but adding an additional race at the end. Many of them could not make it so the race points they had already accumulated were useless. I myself could not attend the last race since they added it without much notice and basically threw out my second in points. I also cancelled a trip to Moab on a Friday night for one race that they didn't cance until Saturday. Too late to head for UT and no race. Stuff like that l;eaves a bad taste in some people's mouths? I hope things pick up for VDR but I cannot say I will be attending many this year.
  10. Super-T

    Erzberg Rodeo Race Report

    I think the plan for right now is the Denver Endurocross and then LMS in December. I got to talk to Marty Halmanza and his crew at Erzberg and they will be in Texas for LMS. I also got to talk to Stephan Muller in Austria and he will be coming over to do LMS. You might know this guy from the video of Romaniacs where some guy came up short on the jump into the building and crashed hard. Well that was Stephan and he is healed and ready to go. So yes... LMS is in the plans. Anyone want to join me?
  11. Super-T

    Erzberg Rodeo Race Report

    I will tell you that is was a ton of fun but it was very expensive! 2001 250exc $1800 Shipping to Germany $1500 Hazmat inspection $400 Driver from Milan, Italy to Salzburg, Austria additional $2000 (I am fighting this one) Two airline tickets $2600 Hotel, car rental and a lot of beer money $2500 If I had to do it the same way next year I would have to take a second mortgage out on my house (ok-third of forth).
  12. Super-T

    Erzberg Rodeo Race Report

    Hello there everyone, I thought I would take a minute and share some information with anyone interested. My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to get to go to the race this year. I shipped a 2001 250EXC over to Germany and entered the race. First of all if you are thinking of doing this please contact me via PM and I will talk you out of it. Not the racing so much but the bike shipping. That was a total disaster. We planned this trip for almost 8 months and it almost exploded in our faces because of non reliable shipping companies. Long story short we received the bike via a driver from Italy the morning of the race because the airline decided to change their minds on delivering the bike to us in Germany like originally planned. Anyways, we did manage to get a bike to Austria and I was able to race the prologues. As it turns out the prologue is way more important to finishing this race than anyone stresses. I know we have all heard that you need to be on the first couple rows to have a chance but I did not think it was that serious. Well after the two days or prologues, which included a couple scary moments on my part, I managed to qualify #429 for the HS on Sunday. My bike was geared WAY to slow for this high speed run. I geared the bike for all it would pull here at our elevation near Denver and it needed a lot more. The big 4 strokes were passing me and grabbing 6th gear as they went by. Oh well. The race on Sunday was a blast. I started on the 9th row (yep I said 9!!!!) and made it up and out of the 20 plus hills before checkpoint one. Once I crossed checkpoint 1 the course headed into the woods and that is where the bad starting position became important. There were 250 bikes stuck on one nasty section of uphill rocky singletrack. I spent at least an hour and a half sitting there waiting for the guys ahead of me to get their bikes through. After this I crossed checkpoint 2 and headed for the bathtub. This is probably the most famous hill section in Erzberg. It is a huge hole in the ground that has some pretty impressive hills to negotiate. It took me another 20 minutes or so to get through this and out the other side. On the top of the last hill I was directed to head down the mountain because the race was cancelled early due to a lightning storm. 2 hours and 58 minutes and I was done. All in all it was some of the most fun riding I have ever done but I am not certain I would ride these obstacles if it were not for the race. Some of the down hill drops were straight vertical for the first 10 feet or so. Pretty scary! Add to that the rain that came and the down hills were nothing more than huge slip n slides. So I am writing this post to help anyone that may want to try this race next year. If you are interested, PM me and I will try to get back to you with more specifics. I am going back next year but I now have a shop in Austria that is going to loan me a bike. This will make things a lot easier. Consider it a trade for my 250 that I gave them after the race. I am posting this in The Rocky Mountains section because I live in Denver and ride with a lot of local TT'ers. I have a website with a lot of pictures and a video of the race if anyone is interested. If you do go to watch the video please download it as it is 86mb and will crash my bandwidth if you stream it. Also be aware that the video is made for friends and family and contains some footage that is more for them. It does however have some footage of the drive to Erzberg, the rider parade (kinda shaky as my girlfriend was riding on the back of the bike while shooting), the prologues, the beer tent (woohoo) and the start of the race. Here is my website if you want to check out the pictures and video. http://www.jumpthechump.com/ Ok that is it! Over and OUT, T
  13. Super-T

    Knee injury and Erzberg Rodeo

    Then that is the direction I will go at this time. Thank you for the response!
  14. Super-T

    Knee injury and Erzberg Rodeo

    Is it possible for this type of injury to heal on it's own? My concern is that my Dr. does not understand Motocross. He seems to have a lot of sports patients with BBall injuries so I do give him the benifit of the doubt. He indicated that if he was to do surgery it would not be a small surgery and that I would have to have my leg immobilized for at least 4 weeks. Add to that the rehab time and the Austria race is not possible. One of the things he said would need repair was the tendon that holds my patella in place. Can this be done arthroscopically as well? I am a little anti surgery as I herniated two disks between c5, c6 and c7 a couple years ago. After surgery I got a staff infection that knocked me out of commision for almost a year. A huge pocket of infection burried it self around my spine and created a mess. It was not a pleasant experience.
  15. Hello there Dr. Mark. My friend Ron (the Tree) suggested I post the results of a recent MRI I had taken of my left. I jammed it in a rut a couple weeks ago and it really got pulled and deformed pretty bad. It looked to be at about a 75 degree angle from normal with my foot still pointing straight forward. It made a significant pop at the time of the injury and started swelling almost immediately. I saw a local Dr. and he sent me to a knee specialist. He said there were a few parts damaged and he could do surgery to repair but I should try to rehab this on my own for a few weeks and try to get the swelling to go down. The reason I am posting this is because I have signed up to compete in the Erzberg Rodeo in June of this year in Austria. That is only 10 or so weeks from now. I need to make some decisions on wether or not I will be attending. With bike shipping, rv rental and airline tickets adding up I would like to know if this will be possible and what I could do on my end to help this knee heal. Here are the resulst from the MRI. I do not have the immages to post. Any info you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Findings: Alignment is remarkable for lateral patella tilt. There is a small focus of marrow edema within the anterolateral aspect of the lateral femoral condyle. There is a large joint effusion. No focal cartilage abnormality is identified. The anterior and posterior ligaments are intact. There is a marked amount od edema surrounding the medial collateral ligament complex which appears intact. There is mild thickening and heterogeneous signal intensity within the femoral attachments of both the popliteus tendon and lateral collateral ligament. These structures do not appear completely torn. The medial meniscus is normal in appearance. There is a very subtle obliquely oriented linear region of abnormal signal intensity identified on a single image within the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus. The extensor mechanism is remarkable for high-grade partial tear or complete tear of the medial retinaculum with a large amount of edema in the subcutaneous fat of the medial aspect of the knee. Impression: 1) High grade partial tear versus complete tear of the mediopatellar retinaculum. Marrow edema within the anterolateral aspect of the lateral femoral condyle suggests that this injury is associated with a lateral patellar dislocation. Recommended correlation with clinical history. 2) Injurt without complete tear involving the femoral attachments of the popliteus tendon and lateral collateral ligament. 3) Grade 1 MCL sprain. 4) Very subtle region of obliquely oriented abnormal signal intensity in the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus may represent a tear. 5) Large joing effusion.