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    Footpegs options?

    Tiki, I'm looking to create a bigger, more secure platform to stand on. The stockers are awful skinny and very dull. I was spoiled when I had my KTM as it had great big pegs with loads of bite. Thanks for the IMS reference. I should have known that already. -Matt p.s. Oh yeah, you got me though, as I do like the shiny and trick parts.
  2. I've been hunting down some options for replacing/modifying the footpegs on my 150. I want something a bit larger and sharper. Here is what I have found: 1) Fastway F3 EVO Footpegs - $104.45 at CRFsOnly.com I haven't been able to find an application chart that actually shows these fitting a CRF150/230 but CRFsOnly seems to suggest they fit. Anybody know for sure? http://crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/28_64/products_id/706 2) Sunline/ARC Stainless - $126.99 at DennisKirk.com Sunlines actual site doesn't say if they have an application for the 150/230. Dennis Kirk's site shows the CRF150 under the application. See link. http://tinyurl.com/dvawn 3) Does anyone remember the u-shaped peg extensions that you would weld onto your existing pegs to make them wider? I haven't been able to find these anywhere. 4) Anybody know of another bike which uses pegs that mount right onto a 150/230 no problem? I've heard something about RM80 pegs but no specific years or details. Regardless, any ideas or experiences you have would be cool. -Matt
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    You should be good to go with just about anything that Moose makes. In my experience they have pretty solid products. No worries.
  4. See my garage for pics/description of my bike. Let me know what you think. The story: As of last month I had little or no interest in these type of bikes. That all changed when I went to the local motocross track and found myself leaving my KTM in th truck so I could ride a CRF230 and CRF100 that my sister and buddy had brought along. Short story goes like this: -Rode a CRF230 on the 60cc/80cc track -Had way too much fun -Did some research on TT and CRF's Only -Bought the CRF150 -Sold the 2005 KTM 400EXC -Not regretting it at all (yet) Thanks again for the knowledge you guys have shared on this board. I hope to make a contribution in return as I learn about these bikes. -Matt p.s. Oh yeah, my best riding buddy just sold his 04' CRF250X and bought a 150 as well. It's contagious!