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    The O-Ring Mod for an FCR

    Well I gave the APS one more wrap around the shaft. I got it on there and it was tight. VERY TIGHT! So tight, that I was afraid the spring would break in some time or the plastic cam would crack, so I figured eff it and un did the last rotation. I will say though that with the spring wrapped once more it really worked well. I did find a really resillent O-ring that is used in Hydraulic systems that contain Phosphate ester hydraulic fluid ( Skydrol ). If there are any aircraft mechanics or pilots out there they know that this stuff is very corrosive. It will eat the soles off of your shoes if you don't get it off right away. So if this O-Ring can withstand that heat and corrosivness, I have no fear that it will withstand the test of time for the AP. I am very pumped to get this thing out fo the garage and see how it runs. Still a bit cold here though to try it out. I'll wait till we get ito the 40's to take a spin up the street.
  2. Jettech

    The O-Ring Mod for an FCR

    It will be interestig to know. I will attemp it and report back as I am apart right now doing the o-ring mod.
  3. Jettech

    The O-Ring Mod for an FCR

    Really. Why?
  4. Jettech

    The O-Ring Mod for an FCR

    William, have you heard of anyone trying to wrap the existing AP spring another turn around the shaft? This would for sure tighten things up.
  5. Jettech

    Idetify this FCR

    Thanks Doc. That is a pretty good thread you drew up. I like your approach to the typical forum answers too. There can be some real smart a$$es on here sometimes. As for the application on the Z400, I already have had it running. The throttle cable is custom, head to carb boots are custon and she fits tight but she does fit. On the Z they have this black box that gets in the way of tuning the AP. Lots of guys have tried to relocate and remove it with minimal luck so that is really the only pain of having this carb on the Z. But there performance gains are just unreal. I used to have the Edelbrock on it but others turned me to the FCR. Much nicer. In the pics you can see where I removed the TPS electronics to make more room. Seriously man, I really appreciate this bit of info. This will get me moving in the right direction. I will PM you if I have anymore questions. Thanks
  6. Hi boys, looking for some help and hoping you fellers could assist me. I bought this carb last year to install on a Z400 with a 434 engine bore, 12.2-1 compression, both Hotcams, full Trinity Racing pipe and running no Airbox. When I bought it, the kid who sold it to me said it had the Boyesen Quickshot cover on it. The AP cover is for sure some other metal than the rest of the carb body so I am assuming it is aftermarket and is possibly the Boyesen 1 because it doesn't look like the boyesen 2 or 3. I included some pics to aid in the identification. I am also curious to know what year of bike this came off of. If I remember correctly, the kid told me it came from a Yamaha YFZ but what year I don't remember. I want to know this for the identification of what jets to buy. **EDIT** Carb has a P/N stamped on the body reading 5TGC 30UG13 Either way here are pics I took of the carb.
  7. Jettech

    Wanted: Used Street Legal Drz-sm

    I saw a real nice one for sale up in Indianapolis. I went into the Indianapolis Jet Center and the one I think I saw for sale on here was the one sitting outside the hangar.
  8. Jettech

    Moving to Pittsburgh need help

    I went to college in Pittsburgh and can tell you that there are PLENTY of places to ride out there. I know of a few tracks you can ride on in the Robinson township area, out by the Greater Pittsburgh Airport. Most of the people around there just ride out in fields and old industrial sites. Lots of wide open smooth fields with nice hills out there. The population dies off after you get past the airport on interstate 22/30 and its wide open fields where you can ride at will. I have never been questioned for riding on someone elses property. As for the best schools...................Bether Park, Upper St. Clair, West Mifflin, North Hills and Green Tree are just a few. Pittsburgh is an awesome city to be in. You will like it. Pretty Cheap too
  9. Jettech

    Dropped a valve... could have been worse (with Pics)

    Heck yeah it could have been a lot worse!! Look at this head and piston after dropping a valve.
  10. Jettech

    Quad 400 suggestions

    Your girlfriend should be ready for a ride if she buys a Z because it is a lot of quad in stock form. I take it that your GF will not be doing the maintenance to it?? The Z would be a good quad but there are a few problems I will point out to you and thier fixes. You can decide if its worth it or not. 1.) It has cam chain problems. Suzuki uses an automatic cam chain tensioner that a lot of people believe, including me, stretches the chain prematurley by putting way too much tension on it. You can fix this by installing a D.I.D cam chain and a manual cam chain tensioner. for both Manual tensioner and D.I.D cam chain is around $150 2.) Coolant issues. The magnesium side case covers on 05's & 06's. Antifreeze causes the them to corrode. This can be fixed by buying an aluminum side case cover or Evans coolant. IMO shop around and fina nice 03 because they have aluminum side case covers. 3.) Frame cracking. If you buy this quad from someone who was jumping it, then it might be ready to crack on you. Just check it over very good when looking to buy it and if you see any paint chipping around the shock mounts or heavy stress areas, then its probably ready to bust!! This can be fixed by an expereinced welder by welding in metal reinforcing brackets in specific area of the frame. For more detail on that go to Bare performance for the pictures of where to install them. They sell a kit pre made for like $70 or your experienced welder can fabricate them and install them. These are the major issues with the Z. I own the 03 model, all of these issues are non existant because I have fixed them in the ways I described. I love this quad and am currently building another on from scratch. The Z is a friggin tank It will take a little work to get it ready to beat on but once its there you CAN'T beat it. Check out Z400central.com for more info on the Z.
  11. Thanks Eddie, I'm off to the Yamaha Dealership to get these jets now. Thanks again and I'm sure I'll have 300 more dumb questions for you soon. Jared
  12. the needle number is OBDVR Do you know of or have any detailed FCR diagrams. I followed the jetting guide for the FCR off this site but there are a few other jets in the carb that the guide doesn't label or maybe I didn't understand . I found the Main jet ( the long one ) and the pilot jet ( which sits flush ). There is another jet, that is up inside a hole about 1 inch deep and it is a number 45. Please correct me if I am wrong about these. Thanks, Jared
  13. I have an 03 zuki LTZ400 434 Athena, Both hotcams, Full exhaust, 12.2-1 compression from a DRZe base gasket, Ported head, Dyna ignition, ESR air box eliminator. This carb came off of a YZ426 and has a 65 pilot jet, 152RD Main jet and the needle had the clip on the 3rd slot. Any help would be ROCK! My elevation is 482 ft above sea level. I have read the post on here for the jetting of the FCR and I'm going to try and get it right on and queeze every bit of power out of this carb. So any tips throw em my way. I've seen a few people on here talking about a different needle that you can buy for the FCR. What does it do better, than the stock needle or does my application even require it??
  14. Jettech

    How to buy a Z400

    Yeah they can be fixed. If it is already broken it may take a little more of an experienced welder but it can be fixed.
  15. Jettech

    What's the best mods. for 05 LTZ400

    Hey guys, I'm a newbee here and wanted to help out on some advice for the Z400 mods! Like it was stated before, it all depends on the kind of riding you do. I personally wanted to get the most out of my engine and threw as many mods at it as my wallet would allow. 1.) The first thing to get would be a full exhaust. You have to let that engine breathe baby! If you want real HP don't even mess with the slipons. Next pull the lid off of that airbox, install an aftermarket air filter and rejet to match. 2.) The LTZ air boot is very restictive. So most guys install a Honda 400EX airboot or just make a custom boot that will allow more air flow to that carb. That stock air boot is like letting your engine try to breathe through a straw. 3.) Aftermarket cams are a huge bonus for the Z400 engine!! I have installed Hot Cams on my quad and am very impressed with the power increase. You loose low end power but the mid and top are nice. If you run an aftermarket CDI I would definatley install DRZe valve springs to avoid valve float at higher RPM's. While you have the engine open you might as well install a D.I.D 3/4 cam chain too. Those stock LTZ cam chains stretch all the time. This heavy duty chain will last tons longer. 4.) Aftermarket CDI The stock Z400 CDI cuts out really early. I think around 10, 500 RPMS. Dyna FS is the best one out there for the Z hands down. They make one that you can program timing curves into your quad by hooking it up to your computer. Or a cheaper version which does the same but you just can't use your computer to program in different timing curves. 4.) Big Bore time!! Your gonna need to make that cc size BIGGER! You have a couple of choices for this step. You can buy the Athena 434cc kit (EBAY for $575) which includes a new cylinder, matched piston and complete gasket kit. Also included in the Athena kit is a gasket for the base of the cylinder, which you can choose to keep stock compression or bump it up, to the compression of the DRZe dirt bike. If you want the power, then install the DRZe base gasket. The DRZe gasket is the thinner one of the 2. I believe the DRZe base gasket gives you a compression of 12.2-1. Another option is to buy a lukes racing 450cc cylinder. They also sell the required piston to match this cylinder and a DRZe gasket for the higher compression, if you want it. Last option is decide what size cc's you want your engine to be and have your stock LTZ cylinder bored out. Again you can find the piston to match and install the DRZe base gasket for higher compression. With all of the above mods done and the addition of the big bore kit...... Look out brother because your gonna be screaming. 5.) If you have gotten this far, then your LTZ engine is getting thirsty!! Thirsty for fuel that is................ Now you need to buy a carburetor. Personally I have the Edelbrock Quick Silver II carb on my bike. It is so easy to jet that I wish every carb was built this way. It does take a little tweeking but you don't have to open it up everytime you decide to make an adjustment. It adds power on the entire spectum to my bike. Another option that I know of, are the FCR carbs. They add a lot of top end to your engine performance. I do believe that they are harder to keep in adjustment from what I have read on other forums. 6.) A few addidtions that you may want to inlcude on your bike, now that you have all of these mods done, are an Aluminum radiator to get rid off all that extra heat. Another goodie is a pingel fuel valve (that I bought off of this web site) to allow more fuel flow to your carb. I bought mine because at first my Edelbrocks bowl was running dry and causing me to stall out. Also the Z400 automatic cam chain tensioners are crap!! I would buy a manual cam chain tensioner that are sold on this site too. These are the main points of beefing up the LTZ400 engine and there are many more. I would recommend checking out Z400central because these guys over there know everything about this bike. Thats where I learned it all from. I also read the posts on this site as well and learned tons from the guys here. Hope that shed some light on the many mods you can do to your Z. I know you said simple. But I just got on a roll and couldn't stop!! I guess a simple mod is to add a full exhaust and cams are pretty simple too.