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  1. NOV8TR

    Mirrors that don't break

    Stock mirrors relocated. I've been riding it this way since late 2006. Works great!
  2. Oh yeah,,, SNOW !!!! Burrrrrr !!! We insist on a tax refund from the city when the mercury drops below 70F here in Santa Barbara. Most of us don't even own a warm coat (coats are only useful because they have pockets to hold wallet, eye glasses, and keys). I have a gnarly CAD system here at home though, and I'd be happy to "telecommute" to Trail Tech from time to time
  3. NOV8TR

    removal choke cable to carb.. xr650l

    When you get it off it will look like this. Your nut will be plastic and black. The one shown here is aluminum (home made). Just unscrew the nut. It should all come right out.
  4. It is pretty wet in WA. this time of year (what am I saying???,,, it is wet there all year round!!). I'm afraid at my age I'd rust away in no time!
  5. Trail Tech Vapor Repair The display flaked out again, and the battery acted like it had died (display was garbled every time I turned the key on, and required a key stroke to zero out the system) I had repaired the display previously by putting a rubber band between the display and the gasket on the front housing. The display is very sensitive to pressure around the edges, and if there is not enough pressure, some parts of the display do not work or display weird characters. I tried just cleaning the battery contacts, but that did not solve the latest problem. All 8 Phillips head screws have to come out of the back to get this thing apart, and once they are out, it literally falls apart in your hands. Watch out how it comes apart so you can get it re-assembled properly! This is how it should look with all the pieces in place This is the rubber band repair I did the last time it was open. It worked fine for a while (8 months?) This is what the old repair looked like before I took it apart this time. (notice the rubber band under the gasket?) Here is the guts if you are curious. This time I ran a bead of RTV silicone sealant around the whole gasket to get a more uniform pressure against the display. After the RTV was dry (about 6 hours), I put everything back together and replaced the battery just for good measure. And here it is all back together and working again. This is not that hard to do, and I really like the Vapor unit when it is working properly. If I had not been able to fix it, I would have bought another one to replace it because I like it so much.
  6. NOV8TR

    stripped choke cable

    No, the shop could have made it from a single billet of material. I choose to make two separate pieces to reduce the cost, and eliminate the need for a thread relief cut at the base of the nut. A relief cut would have resulted in a reduced surface contact area on the threads in the carb body. The carb body (being a cast part) I assumed to be made of a softer and probably non-tempered aluminum alloy. I wanted all the thread contact area I could get to keep from messing up the threads in the carb body when tightening up the nut, and making the part this way allowed that to happen.
  7. NOV8TR

    stripped choke cable

    Mine broke,,, The Honda shop wanted about $80 for the OEM part So,,, I glued together the plastic with super glue, and reverse engineered the part. Had a local machine shop bang out the parts from aluminum hex stock (cost about $80) And used JB Weld to fix the threaded part to the body. No more problems!
  8. NOV8TR

    The Shortest Guy to Ride a 650L

    I'm 5' 6 1/2" tall. (28~29" inseam) Road the stock XR650L setup for about 6 months prior to the Kuba link installation. Even with the lowered configuration, I can only get the tip of my "tippy toes" to touch at stop lights, and that is not enough to stay upright if there is a good cross wind. I don't bother trying to touch down on both sides anymore, so I just touch on the left side (so I can keep my right foot on the brake for leverage). When ever possible I stop right next to the center median so I can use it to "flat foot" it on the left side. Off road I have no problems because my "style" is to always ride "feet up", even when sliding the corners (I think it is something I picked up from trials riding in the early part of my motorcycle days). A shorter bike would be nice for the road, but I would not be willing to give up even a millimeter of suspension travel or ground clearance ( I'm a dirt biker at heart!).
  9. NOV8TR


    Yep,,, Ram mounts rule! I use Ram mounts for my Garmin and my Tomtom On the BRP!
  10. NOV8TR

    XR650L with Supertrapp IDS2

    Pull your spark plug and evaluate by the color whether you are jetted properly before you just start messing around with the exhaust tuning. As you pull out more disks it will get quieter, but you will also generate more back pressure and may need to go a little leaner on your jets (particularly the main). The fewer disks in the Supertrapp, the stronger the bottom end will feel (up to the point that you are choking it up). I found that about 5 disks (not including the end cap) is right about where that happens. You will loose power on the top end by doing this, but if you like the "tractor feel" of the BRP, then that is no big deal. Also keep in mind that the packing material (and its condition) will have an impact on how well the exhaust flows. I actually pulled all of the packing material out of mine and used 8 disks to get the level of sound I wanted. Then I re-jetted to make the bike run right in that configuration. I don't race any more, and I no longer care about squeezing every last pony out of my BRP. I do like for my bike to make enough noise to be heard over the rolled up windows, air conditioner, and the cell phones inside of the Soccer Mom's SUV's. I bog my bike in the neighbor hoods to keep the whole "sound" situation friendly, and when I do get on it, I'm usually in a place where I'm the least annoyance in the general area. The hole in the bottom of your can is for a 1/4-20 button head screw. It is one of three that hold the rear wall of the packing chamber in place. There is nothing but a Pem nut inside, and once the screw rattles loose and disappears, the pem nut will often come loose and become a useless rattle inside the can. If the pem nut is still there, put a 1/4-20 screw in (with a lock washer this time) and leave it alone until you repack the can with new fiberglass.
  11. NOV8TR

    XR650L Headlight aiming?

    One solution is to shift up the mounting bracket that the speedo mounts to (the headlamp assembly mounts to the bottom of the same bracket). I exploded my OEM speedo (looped it over backwards), so I had to replace the whole dash assembly. I built my own dash board to accept the trail tech (Vapor) configuration. In the process I shifted the whole mounting assembly up about 1/4 inch. That turned out to be just about right (though still not perfect).
  12. NOV8TR

    Kickstand Mod

    I cut an inch and a half off of mine after installing a Kouba link. I moved my forks back up to flush with the top pf the triple clamps for road stability, and the shorter kick stand still works fine.
  13. Nice job clc3251 ! It is awesome to have all this information in one place. Some day I hope to get around to this mod, but for now I stuck "bump starting" my Piggy when she just does not want to fire for one reason or another. I don't seem to be eligible to award you "fuel points" or I would have done so.
  14. NOV8TR

    New Role For The XR

    I say "as long as I'm either Caching or nearly crashing, it's all good!" We lost a lot of local caches in the 4 fires we have had in the last 18 months. This pic shows some of the burn area that I personally lost 7 caches to.
  15. Before I digress, I just want to say that your suspension is most likely not the reason you are not pulling off those "show time wheelies". Wheelies are about timing and balance, not suspension settings. I am by no means a "wheelie king", but I have had the front end up in the air in all gears at just about all speeds below 50 MPH. Like you, I use it as the conditions dictate the need. Everything else is just showing off, and though it feels cool, it serves little purpose (not a required trail skill!) There are tons of "how to" articles (some on this web site) regarding the art of the wheelie, and because I am one of the least qualified I'll not attempt to cover that ground. However, that being said, I'm going to guess that your 6" ~ 8" trophy truck wheelies are because you are unconsciously transferring your weight from the seat to the foot pegs (shifting your CG forward and down), and maybe even sliding forward a bit to compensate for what feels like "a bad thing is about to happen" (like a good dirt biker should!) . If I ever decide I'm going to learn how to bang through the gear box and do mile long wheelies, I doubt I'll choose my 350 pound "way too tall" BRP to start on:banghead: