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  1. i think the jumps are around 120 plus check this link for info on the track http://homepage.mac.com/scottmcdesign/OTM/Helmet_Cam_V2.html
  2. Me out today at the new track in Salt Lake City. Real fun and a few big jumps. The dirt is great for around here. And they groom every day. sorry the camera is not the best. click the pics here for the vids i heven't posted on here in a while. What do you think?
  3. btg

    to lube or not!

    heres my method. pretty much the same as some others. 1. wash bike real good. (a clean bike is a happy bike) 2. dry the whole bike with a towel including the chain the best I can. 3. spray lots of Water Displacement #40 on the chain and a few other areas. 4. change air filter 5. wipe chain again with dry towel 6. apply MFR Gold chain lube real good 7. spin rear tire alot and put away till the next riding day and its ready I do apply lube at the track almost every session
  4. btg

    Pics of Your 450....

    now has all black seat cover
  5. btg

    Pics of your CRF 450

    just got the shop graphics on the 08. black seat cover should be here soon.
  6. I'm Not really sure about the taming you guys speak of. Ive had an 06 07 and now an 08 and they just keep getting better. my friends 05 yeah it has a goog hit at the top but misses something down low. I'm not sure why honda would make things worse as the years go. I'm not sure if you all remember mags talking about the older bikes missing something down low. well they did, and now with the 08 theres nothing missing. AT ALL
  7. btg

    MXA review 08 CRf450R

    I rode my friends 08 yami 450 thinking all the years people are saying how it hauled the mail in the motor department. Then how I was so dissapointed. I couldn't come out of tight corners in second for the life of me without treating it like a 250 2stroke.The bike was all stock and the thing would bogg so bad. My friend that owns it shattered his hip due to it bogging on the face of a triple. IMO the crf450r is light years ahead all around. Due yourself a favor and RR. You won't regret it. BTW I do have an 08 crf 450 and Ive had an 06 & 07 and the 08 is my fav.
  8. btg

    07 vs 08 CRF450

    "I'v got the 07 right now, and with any luck I'll have an 08 by next week. I'll be able to help you guys out more. The only thing is if the 07 forks and shock wont fir the 08 I'm not gonna do it, b/c I have MB1 on the 07, and its crazy how much smoother the bike acts. Most stock suspension is pretty good these days, however if your serious about racing/riding, and you can shell out a few bucks any suspension can be set up for you. " the 07 suspension fits the same. there is some differences inside the fork and its 2mm shorter. Ihad an 07 with only a few hours on it when I got the 08 and couldn't see paying again for the suspension. it all fits great and works great. also whoever says they cant feel the damper work but they do feel how much better it corners then there you go. also i forgot what head shake is.
  9. btg

    class question

    08 crf 450r #356 http://www.imagestation.com/picture/...e/e78fbad9.jpg or http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid225/pbdd1f6c937ff324b5397bc2bacc3f17e/e78fbad9.jpg
  10. btg

    class question

    yes i'm talking about the races that will start in Heber. www.utahwintercross.com Yes I was riding at Jordan river towards the last of the season there. I mostly ride at Tooele. i took most of the summer off due to knee surgery.
  11. btg

    class question

    I'm not sure which forum to ask this but since I have a 08 crf 450r I will start here. There is a new arenacross series starting this week here in UT. In my age groups they offer A & B classes. I'm not sure what they would be equivelant to in the outdoors where I race over 25 and over 30 Int. I don't want to sandbag and at the same time I dont want to be out classed. Any input would be very helpful and thanks for any replies.
  12. btg

    Aftermarket parts for '08 CRF450R

    you need the adaper for the brake lever from 07 on. also my t- clamps didn't fit do to the change in off set and # plate mounts skid plate fit. alloy oil filter is the same.
  13. btg

    08 suspension ?

    I recently bought the 08 and put my 07 suspension that was re-valved and sprung for my weight at 235 lbs. with pro action (only has 25 hrs.) which I use on all my bikes. after reading the Transworld secrets review I relized that there were a few small changes. With the linkage being the same do you think the handling or anything will matter? seeing how my revalve and spring are way off from the stock settings. Thanks for any replies
  14. btg

    Pictures of your 08

    Quote: Originally Posted by btg http://www.imagestation.com/picture/...e/e78fbad9.jpg Nice. I noticed the skid plate. Is that from a 07 model? In other words, will a lets say w/c skid plate for the 07 also fit the 08? Yes I took alot of things off the 07 such as the trpl clamps that dont fit.
  15. btg

    Pictures of your 08