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  1. I recently ate it on my bike and bent the stock bars. I relplaced them with a set of twinwalls in the Stewart bend. They are pretty dang close the oem bend.
  2. I run K & N filters on all of my offroad toys. As long as the filter is properly maintained, they are great.
  3. I've got arthritis in both hands. What I did was filled my ptotapers up with spray foam and put on some dual density grips. Made a huge difference for me.
  4. I'm pretty much the same as everyone else. Rode when young, quit riding, now pushing 40 and bought a 06' YZ250F. Since I got the bike in December i've lost 47lbs and some of the fear of getting hurt. Now I'm just having a blast.
  5. I gave my son a 250F recently who has had several years of quad experience. I told him the same thing my dad told me "Respect the bike and it's power, the day you don't is the day it bites you" As long as you take it easy and get comfortable on the bike, you'll enjoy it.
  6. I bought my 12yo son the LE and he loves it. He's 5'4" and weighs about 130