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  1. scone367

    2009 Desert 100 Dates!!!!

    OK here is the date for the 2009 desert 100 April 4th and 5th!!!!! be sure to visit our website for more details http://stumpjumpers.org/
  2. scone367

    2008 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge Info!

    :banghead: poor thing it will be ok
  3. scone367

    Tuff-as-Nails Harescramble coming soon

    still compared to a lot of races this one is cheap mountbaker $50 ouch
  4. scone367

    Ryan Capes going for 400' ?

    ya i wonder when he will hit it 400feet dudes really cool guy but insane!!!!
  5. scone367

    Found some bikes

    you are still my Hero Don!!!!
  6. scone367

    Tuff-as-Nails Harescramble coming soon

    WOW $35 ENTRY FEE I think this is the cheapest race of the year
  7. scone367

    Found some bikes

    Thanks Tod You Da Man
  8. Is anyone going this weekend july 26-27??? I have a coworker that wants to go he lives in Everett, wa let me know and I will let him know thanks
  9. scone367

    Found some bikes

    any word on the bikes yet?? I want to know whats up
  10. some cases have maginese(sp?) in the aluminum, so be careful. I would take it to a place that does TIG welding
  11. scone367

    Found some bikes

    any word yet???
  12. scone367

    2008 butstomper!

    WHATEVER Don weather and conditions should make this the best year yet
  13. scone367

    2008 butstomper!

    LAP times should be 45 minutes
  14. scone367

    2008 butstomper!

    the new downhill is epic. should be fun at night
  15. The road is closed so you MUST drive around thru index for this weekends race!!!!!!!