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  1. Decal Kit Finally arrived
  2. THE BEAST - MY17 KTM 1290 Super Enduro
  3. No thanks just after fronts in C755 3.25/3.50x21
  4. yes 140 v's 150 Motoz Tractionator Desert HT 3.25/3.50 x 21 Cheng Chin C755 HT is perfect for sand V's Motoz Tractionator Desert HT 300 x 21 i get exact same wear as all top HT brands i've tried in last 30yrs (IRC , Bridgestone , pirelli , dunlop , trellborg) the cheng chin found best for sand (no need let air out like 300x21 users) & general road riding up too 140kph no problem Sadly Cheng Chin stopped production
  5. MY18 KTM 1290SDR > 1290 Super Enduro KTM won't sell them then make one Some sneak pics of my project
  6. veetwo tls

    how many aussies on here ?

    yeh near the ass end of the murray
  7. veetwo tls

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Just doing a TPS check on my 07 950SE throttle closed got the tps set at DC 0.58 when have wide open its only 3.04 (i'm using FCR carbs & 1/5 turn billet throttle tube) just had couple more goes WOT now reads 3.40 best it showing how i get correct setting too 3.60 to 3.70 ?
  8. veetwo tls

    2017 CRF 250 Rally

    Just curious if anyone has the CRF450 & the 250 Rally ? Have they tried to see if the 250 rally fairings etc fit the 450 with little work involved
  9. KIT690 $49,799.63Aud Build finished
  10. were you get the rear guard ? im looking for a white what brand of stand is that looks solid mine is too flimsy for the 950SE weight
  11. Q: Those in the know what other makes of MC out there are a 13mm or larger Bore that would work ? Brembo do not supply a rebuild kit for these ABS models i was told from a KTM dealer #760 13 001 033 All ABS MODEL - Brembo MC are a 13mm bore & Banjo bolt is M10X1X19.5 2012690 DUKE BLACK Hand Brake Cylinder 2012690 DUKE WHITE 201 Hand Brake Cylinder 2013690 DUKE BLACK ABS Hand Brake Cylinder 2013690 DUKE WHITE ABS Hand Brake Cylinder 2014690 DUKE BLACK ABS Hand Brake Cylinder 2014690 DUKE WHITE ABS Hand Brake Cylinder 2014690 ENDURO R ABS Hand Brake Cylinder 2014690 SMC R ABS Hand Brake Cylinder 2015690 ENDURO R ABS Hand Brake Cylinder 2016690 ENDURO R ABSHand Brake Cylinder .
  12. finally got it burped & bleed 1 finger tap for brake just how like it I needed 3 hands but had to do with 2 the KTM brake lock/holder came in handy used the M/C cap mod was told to do from Bigborett with mix of pushing fluid in with large syringe also sucking it drew air out. Also with pressure pushing fluid into the M/C with the syringe & pumping lever fast half in & half out eventually got feel (squeezing lever fully in & letting out fully was not working) once got pressure at the lever i then proceeded to apply pressure with the syringe / pump lever get pressure & use the ktm brake lock hold lever in then reach down crack the bleeder at the caliper. Done that till no air. With a spare cap drill hole carefully screw in a brass fitting & nut for your tube & syringe , Used stickaflex as a gasket let it cure over night before putting cap on then the stickaflex will not stick them bot together
  13. veetwo tls

    Rally Raid Foam Filter Conversion Kit?

    PowerCell Performance 690/701 quick change filter & airbox iis a replica of the 450 rally airbox , ken had made Rally Filter & airbox Kit: https://www.powercellperformance.com/shop/rally-quick-change-airbox-ktm-690husky-701-2008-2017/ Replacement filters for rally airbox: https://www.powercellperformance.com/shop/replacement-filter-for-ktm-690701-rally-airbox/?doing_wp_cron=1495899788.9648590087890625000000 Skins: https://www.powercellperformance.com/shop/outerwears-skinz-for-ktm-690701-rally-airbox/?doing_wp_cron=1495899763.2031118869781494140625
  14. Guys I have a 2014 690 Enduro ABS all removed & installed a HEL brake line , I'm having major issues with the M/C not pumping fluid (presume has a massive air lock) what i tried back bleed the whole system - no good over night gravity feed - no good old way bleeding pump crack pump crack - no good hand pump with a pressure bleeder - no good tried pumping the M/C with cable off with finger over the hole to try burp it - no good not a drop comes out since removed the M/C blew air through it was unblocked , checked if piston fully releasing back seems good all i can think is it's the M/C full of air *** I was told that 2014 onwards Brembo do not make rebuild kits for the Brake M/C (ABS models) need some help what to do ? i'm seriously thinking replacing the M/C with another EG: nissin from an XR600 or something that be equivalent to the Brembo 13mm bore but exactly what i not know anyone can help with this idea of what M/C i can use be great too.