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  1. I just bought one from AC Racing and installed it. It fit pretty good until I went to install the seat. I had to muscle the seat around to line up with the screw holes. I am thinking that the seat brackets might have bent along with the old subframe. But, it is on and ready to go!
  2. We are going the check the valves before he rides it. As for the piston, it allegedly has a new one with rings. We will see!
  3. Well, I put the valve vent tube back on and connected it to the airbox. Then I drained and replaced the gear and tranny oil, ran it for 15 minutes and checked the level. No pressure build up, no oil loss (to tranny side as before) and hopefully no damaged seal. I did get a few puffs of blue smoke. So, I don't know if the rings are bad or not. I will have my son ride it, as he would normally ride, and check the oil every 30 minutes or so. Hopefully the guy I bought it from just didn't know what he was doing and didn't do any damage! because of it!
  4. OK. I can understand why it is plugged and not routed to the airbox. But, wouldn't you need to remove the plug from the other tube in order to allow it to breathe?
  5. I plan to put it back the way it should be. However, I cannot get a straight answer as to why the breather tube to the airbox is removed and plugged. Some shops are telling me that some racers do it but cannot explain why and or tell me if the other tube should be unplugged. Go Figure!
  6. I think I will just remove the plug and attach a new hose back to the airbox. Then I am going to change both oils, run it and check for leaks. Hopefully the seal is not blown. The guy I bought this bike from has not heard last from me!!!
  7. So, I get home and remove the tank to view the breather tube coming out of the valve cover. I does go to a 'Y' with one tube routed to the bottom area of the case with a plug. I believe that this is correct. I looked at an 04 that belongs to my sons friend and it matches. However, the tube that is suppose to be routed to the air box has been removed and is pluged with a screw at the 'Y'. The local shop some guys do this and to look for it. So, if the tube to the air box has been removed, does the plug on the other tube need to be removed to allow it to breath? If oil was being pushed over to the tranny and out that overflow tube, does this mean that the Main Seal is now Blown? Keep in mind that I am learning here! Thanks
  8. I just spoke to the mechanic at TRE (local shop) and he said to do the same thing. I will look at it closer tonight. If all is clear, then it is probably the main seal letting the oil into the tranny side. Thanks for everyones input.
  9. The oil is dripping from the crank case breather hose. The other hose with a cap on the end is clear and oil free. I am thinking it is a main seal. We will see!
  10. The bike allegedly only had 2 hours on it since a fresh top end. I will be sending into the shop and having them open it up! If it were the rings, it seems that I would be burning a lot of oil and loosing compression. As far as the vent tube, is there one from the engine oil side or only the tranny side?
  11. Out of the breather tube from the top rear of the case. The tranny oil is fine. I even hear some air pressure release when I remove loosen the dipstick on the oil side. At first I thought it had too much oil. So, I drained and refilled with new and same thing happened after riding for 20 to 30 minutes.
  12. Anyone?
  13. Hey TT, First Post. I bought my son a used 05 CRF25R the other day. Everthing on the surfaced looked good, the oil was clean, trans. oil full etc. However, after he rode for 30 minutes, we checked the oil. It did not even register on the stick. I added some to bring it up to the top of the stick. He rode for another 30 minutes, stopped & checked. Again it did not register on the stick. It was dripping out from the vent tube. It seems that it is building up pressure and sending it out through the vent tube. We went through a liter within 1.5 hours of riding! So, is it a main seal, rings or ???? Thanks in advance for your help!