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  1. scottag

    Mods to make an RM125 FASTER!!

    i have a 06 rm125... v-force, powernow & powernow plus, pro circuit pipe/ silencer, stock cylinder and head. it rips, my gearing is 13/52 and 13/53. the powernow blades are kinda like cheating, they work good!
  2. scottag

    swap out

    they did install a 4.8 kg/mm shock spring and used the stock .42 fork springs. these spring rates are a little on the stiff side for my weight (145 lbs) but i am still at 20mm of free sag at 100mm of race sag, which is within the 20mm to 35mm spec for free sag (on the stiff side though). maybe i should install a 4.6 and .40 combo to see if it works better for me??? it feels good everywhere else but i dont want to have a bad setup that could set me up for stepping off the high side in the whoops again...
  3. scottag

    swap out

    high speed comp adjuster, low speed comp adjuster or both??? the bike is new and the suspension has just been serviced and valved/ sprung by a popular suspension company...
  4. scottag

    swap out

    what is the main cause of the end "swapping" side to side in the whoops or sand whoops???? is it normally too soft of comp setting and too fast of a rebound setting??? it starts with a small swap and then just gets larger and larger until i have to jump off... (it does not normally stop even if i back out of the throttle)
  5. scottag

    Did my dealer trash my new bike?

    i just got a 06 rm125... i took it out to break it in at my local sand track with 5th gear wide open deep sand straights. it last through that... remember, if it blows up on the bench, what good is it on the track??????
  6. scottag

    OMG! Airbox fan

    if we all put in $20 we can afford one... no problem!! it may be $200 per person if the engine scatters though!!!
  7. scottag

    OMG! Airbox fan

    that is the sickest thng i have ever seen... i installed a aftermarket turbo kit on my integra 5 years ago and got rediculous power increases. i dont care if i have that battery duct taped on my rear fender if i am quading sections that were meant to be doubled!!! no really, somebody needs to sack up and take one for the team and try it... maybe me??? i bet it will rip like no other. wanna see kinda what it would run like??? take your air gun from your air compressor and start your bike with the air filter off, shoot a stream of air into the intake boot and see how your bike revs!! now thats good ol' fashion fun and games as long as your rod doesnt break and poke someones eye out!
  8. scottag

    Hot Cams

    http://www.muzzys.com/articles/lobe_centers.html sorry i do not know how to create a link for you... type this in your address box and there is your article on lobes!
  9. scottag

    Applied Triple Clamps

    i installed some a week ago and have ridden the bike three times now. the first two rides were on muddy tracks (it was very tough to tell a real steering improvement in these conditions) and the third time was at on a sandy/ hardpack, high speed track with long berms and good sized jumps... it felt like it turned a little better but it still did not turn as well as my other bikes. the front end on the 06 yz250f just does not have the most confidence inspiring front end geometry. i like my bikes to turn very well, right to the point of giving some high speed front end stability away... the new clamps still allowed the bike to still be very stable at high speeds but i want a better feel and response on turn in. so, im still testing tires, tire pressures, spring rates/ ride heights, valving, bar positions... i am starting to miss my 125's already...
  10. if you got the dr.d lowering brackets to point straight down, the rh radiator would be into the header pipe about a quarter of an inch or so... i tried to rotate the lowering brackets a bit forward to add clearance between the radiator and header but then the radiator mounting bracket (the one on the radiator) would hit the front fender when you turn the front wheel... i also loosened my header and tried to make sure it was rotated down as far as possible... ???????
  11. i could not get my lowering kit to work with my fmf powerbomb header... not enough room... im not to worried though, as i did get my applied clamps to fit just fine and they do make the bike steer a little better... still not as good as my other bikes though!
  12. you can get your lowering kit from me!!! i bought one and it doesnt fit with my fmf header pipe... so, if you are running the stock header, ive got a kit for ya! where are you located- im near sacramento
  13. scottag

    Hot Cams

    you said you retarded the exhaust cam to 104... but isnt that what the cam card said it was... or was it not spot on from the manufacturer??? i just want to try your settings on my 06, so i want to make sure i have the numbers correct... 101 intake and 104 exhaust??? my cam card- 106 intake and 104 exhaust. thanks
  14. anybody wanna buy a radiator lowering kit by dr.d??? i have a fmf powerbomb header pipe and the kit does not work with that header...
  15. i recieved my applied triple clamp kit and radiator lowering kit yesterday... im installing it today and if it does not rain out this weekend... i am going to do some testing.