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    clutch cover powder coating

    Hey Steve, True, it could come off as you stated, but how easy depends totally on how how it was done (prep work, precleaning, application, type of powder, time/temp of baking,....) The system that we have makes an incredibly strong finish. Our old system was really bad. I would never have thought about painting my frame with it. It would have flaked off after the first couple rides, I'm sure. We painted a part and had to repaint it so to try to strip it. Glass media blasting wouldn't even come close to doing anything to it, as well as several different kind of chemical paint strippers. It can be removed with enough actual sand blasting, but it takes some serious industrial equipment to do so. To prep my frame, I hit it with a 250 degree pressure washer, steam blasted it and then glass media blasted it. Then it will run through an acid wash (on the paint line), then dried at ~400 degrees before being painted. Anyway, you get what you pay for...
  2. gtpsrock

    clutch cover powder coating

    Hi all, The company I work for (that my father owns), just put in a new powder coating line (nice $3 million setup) so let me try to answer what I can help you with. Heat: It should be able to withstand more than 450 degrees F. That is what a typical line bakes that paint on at. If your clutch cover reaches more than that, then you have bigger problems than the paint falling off of it. Strength: It kinda comes back to the heat issue. I've heard rumors that people are afraid to powder coat the wheels on their cars because of this. They think that the heat to bake the paint on will mess with the temper of the aluminum. I believe that you would have to get it much hotter than 450 degrees. In actuality, most car wheels are powder coated, including the ones on my car, from the factory. Speaking of powder coating dirt bike stuff, I'm actually going to be sending the whole frame and swingarm for my CR125 through our line this week to be painted a glossy dark charcoal metallic color. Should be something different. Anyway, hope my first post here helps. Paul