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  1. Thanks so far for the inputs. I looked into the Michelins, still think I like the more continual contact of the lugs on the Metzlers though. I am also not quite as concerned about the longevity of the tread seeing as I am not riding every day or exceptionaly long distances. At this point, because of the more compliant nature of the Metzlers, I'll be opting for them. P.S. Being new to this site I think it's cool getting some great advise from seemingly genuine and experienced people. Ride safe.
  2. I would especially like to know if you've tried them in a side by side situation. How are their cornering characteristics on pavement, I do not ride aggresively and prefer tires that roll into the lean as opposed to fall into it (something I've experienced experimenting different tires on my VFR). Any help would be appreciated, even if it's to tell me there is already a thread here somewhere that for some reason I've missed. thanks Ryan VFR800 CBR600 CRF450 and proud new owner of a TE510