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  1. Check out this link it may help. http://www.brpit.com/pages/info_pages/husqy_sub_mount_info.html
  2. Sounds like I will ask Rob Barnum to work on my bike,thanks for the info. I put about 100 miles on my new 510 this weekend up in big bear.The bike performed great
  3. Has anyone added stiffer springs to a 2007 Husky 510TE, I am having a hard time finding some for the 50mm marzocchi set up. All of the custom suspension pepole I called said they have not set one of these up yet.
  4. Have you heard of the sub mounts moving/shifting and not being as rigid as the weld option? If so tacking it once installed could work or even applying one of those 2 part epoxies before bolting on 3m has some stout stuff out these days. As far as the weld job goes do you have to disconnect more than just the battery? http://brpit.com/images/prod_images/sub_mount/xr650_sub/xr650_sub_kitb_full.gif
  5. Are you talking about the price$$$ of the brp option or welding to the frame both could be scary.
  6. Thanks for the info the BRP deal looks a lot better than having to weld on the frame.
  7. Thinking about getting a Steering Stabilizers currently have Renthal fat bars with standard risers not sure what configuration I will have to run.