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  1. FTYperformance

    Dirt tires for SM rims?

    I ran Pirelli MT21's, very sticky on the street (for a knobby) and great offroad. Got 1300miles out of the rear, was down to 1/4 inch tread, front is still in great shape although sharkfinned in the middle from wheelies and stoppies. Pirellis seem pretty cheap for what you get...
  2. FTYperformance

    For you engineering types.....

    Dang it!!! I got all but #20 (#21 is almost a freebie) on sat. morning, but I still can't get "unpossible" after 3+ hours... aaaarrggghh. Am I addicted yet???
  3. FTYperformance

    For you engineering types.....

    ThatsA5, SHAME on you!!! You ruined my saturday. Up till 2 friday night and then on and off all day untill 230 in the afternoon on sat. Well at least I'm on the second to last mission... hmmmm maybe I need an iPhone now to keep playing while at work???? Thank you sir, VERY fun game.
  4. FTYperformance

    Urban Trials?

    I've heard it's possable to reg and plate any bike in VT or NH with the neccessary lighting...
  5. FTYperformance

    Urban Trials?

    Me, me, me... that's really what attracted me to trials. I haven't got the location or the cajone's to take to the streets on my trials bike though. Buuttttttttttt, I have a supermoto, so I hit staircases, "short-cuts", and anything else I can find on the streets. Jumping railroad tracks and cutting through schoolyards (when they're closed of course), can be pretty fun. Hmmmmm, maybe a Pampera, or even a heavily modded 250 street&trail should be in my future...instead of a 400lb. trail bike with street tires?????
  6. FTYperformance

    Where you all go?

    We're here, just lurking 'till something more exciteing than paying bills or snowstorms appears on the horizon. May end up having to give up trials untill "5 years" is up... orrr maybe just give up everything else and go rideing... :lol:
  7. FTYperformance

    What bike to get?

    +1 on that! Looks like an awesome spot. And to add to the (confusion) fun, just about any bike currently produced will be more fun than you can believe.
  8. FTYperformance

    Wahoo! Got me a GasGas 280 Edition

    Finally got to go on a little ride, brought my boys out on our local trail. Really enjoyed getting familiar with the bike a little. Did lots of wheelies, a bunch of small drop offs (14-20"s), and went through several drainage gullies filled with crushed rocks(10-15" pieces). Also did a few hills, my son did great on that little Beta too. We all had a fun time, and found a nice little waterfall too. Sorry if the pic.s come out too big, photobucket again... laser17, thank you, thank you, thank you.
  9. FTYperformance

    Wahoo! Got me a GasGas 280 Edition

    Most definately, just gotta get time...
  10. FTYperformance

    Wahoo! Got me a GasGas 280 Edition

    O.K. I got it last sunday. Huge thanks to laser17. More helpful in person even than on the forum. Absolutely love the bike. Haven't had time to post much lately and probably won't for most of the winter, but thought I'd share my good news. No riding yet except for 10-15 minutes when i got it home, but every morning while I let the car defrost, I practice my balance in the garage. Will be trying to get some time on it if the weather breaks AND if I can get some free time. Looking forward to spring and going to a couple events in 09. Thanks again to laser17, the bike is awesome.
  11. FTYperformance

    Movies with trials bikes.

    For a nice close up of the disguised bike that "James" is riding, follow this link and scroll 1/3 of the way down the page. You'll definately recognize the bike... http://babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_url?doit=done&tt=url&intl=1&fr=bf-home&trurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.todotrial.com%2Fttactual%2Findexttactual.htm&lp=es_en&btnTrUrl=Translate
  12. FTYperformance

    Cool Video

    WOW! Sign me up! I'll take 2 of each please. One (2) excessively large abandoned airport, and one (2) excesively high horsepowered car. Thank you very much. Very cool video, thanks for posting it.
  13. FTYperformance

    Beta 50: pointers needed.

    After he got back on to ride once he got over the original shock of what happened, he said he stil didn't want to ride it ever again. Of course that all changed the next day when I brought home some flagging tape so we could mark out some small sections in the back yard. He had all kinds of ideas that he wanted set up to try. He'll remember... for a while. Best to keep those bar ends in though.
  14. FTYperformance

    Movies with trials bikes.

    I think it was a disguised Montessa, todo had some comments on the movies under the new 007 heading.
  15. FTYperformance

    Why do they call it observed trials?

    As found at http://trialscomp.com/observed_trials.htm What Is Observed Trials? Trials is a form of motorcycle competition that emphasizes precise balance and control while riding over a designated area of difficult terrain without using your feet to regain or retain balance. It is not a race. Only one rider is "observed" at a time. Throughout the obstacles, speeds can range from fast to very slow. In trials, it is not the speed but the precision that is critical. Every time a rider touches the ground with their foot the observer (judge) scores a point against them. To better understand this, think of golf. In golf you accumulate points against you and not for you. As you begin each hole, your score, for that hole, is zero. As you play though the hole, accumulating strokes is a bad thing. When you are done with the round, the person with the least number of combined strokes is the winner. In a Trials competition the riders will ride a designated piece of terrain called a "section" starting with a score of zero. Each time they have to put a foot down (dab) they are scored a point by the observer. The rider then moves down the trail to the next section where the process starts all over again. At the end of the competition the rider with the least number of dabs is the winner. In each section, once the rider has dabbed three times, they may continue to do so without being scored more than three points. A failure to ride the section completely by falling off the bike, going out of bounds or stalling the engine is scored a "5". Five points is the highest score a rider can get against them, in any one section, even if they choose not to ride it for they sake of safety. The range of skills and techniques employed by the best riders is deceptively varied, subtle, complex and at times brutal. Imagine trying to fling yourself, and your cycle, up and over a five foot stone wall. Or edging down a steep, rocky, moss-covered hillside, then turning across the slope to cross a large wet log before charging and winding your way back up. How about leaping and balancing your way up a mountain stream loaded with rocks, ledges, boulders and waterfalls? So, Observed Trials is a battle between the rider and the terrain. He who makes the fewest mistakes wins. Since it is a solo battle, a rider can practice at home, even on level ground, perfecting skills such as balance, turning, clutch and throttle control. Trials-type obstacles can even be set up in one's back yard to practice on. An organizer of a Trials event must discover, design, clear and mark sections. The terrain chosen must be carefully marked with boundaries for each of many set skill levels and must have start and end gates. Small changes in the amount of room prior to an obstacle or in the riding angle across a slope can have a major effect on turning room or traction. So a trials event can be quite mental, not only for the rider, but the organizer as well. If you add the mental aspect to the physical, note the extraordinary range in skill levels between a Novice and an Expert, and appreciate a wide range of naturally beautiful terrain - then perhaps you will begin to sense the attraction this sport offers its enthusiastic followers and participants. Thought it was a good explanation, scoring rules excluded.