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  1. Hmm . . . I have yet to ride the 06 YZ250 so I don’t have first hand knowledge for the 2 smoker but I have ridden my cousins 06 YZ450F. I have to say it rocks compared to his 03’ YZ250. On the note of it feeling “heavy” I am not sure how it can (other than Psychosomatics or 2 stroker bias) the YZ250 weighs 211 lbs and the 450 weighs 220 Lbs that is a grand total of 9 Lbs. Take into account the larger fuel capacity of the YZ250 at 2.1 gallons Vs. 1.8 and the starting race weight gets closer and closer together.
  2. Is the 06' YZ250F stock sping rate K=4.3N ? I am 225 lbs should I go up to K=4.5N ?
  3. Can anyone tell me whre I can get fork springs for my 06' I am 225 lbs, 6'0"
  4. I take a look at the sight glass, and check all of the other fluids so I know I am good before I go out again??
  5. Mine blew (both of them) at about 30 hrs. so I am going to resping (i am 2205 Lbs) and replace the seals in a week or two.
  6. Can you put a headlight on a Yz250F with out changing any of the elecrical components?
  7. I am 220LBS and blew both of my front for seals with the stock set up I would go with getting stiffer spings all the way arround.
  8. next question!! I am 225 Lbs what weight fork oil should I use in my 06 250F
  9. Thank you sir!
  10. Hey, I have a fork seal issue I blew both of them and the fron end is realy squishy! I was going to go to the FAQ to take a look at some tips on replacing the seal and the oil but the sticky is gone any ideas as to whre it went?
  11. ??? enlighten me on theis trick!
  12. So I was out riding my 06 250f today and I look down and low and behold my right fork is leaking fluid out the bottem!!!! I haven had my fork seals relplced on my other bikes so...... how much is that going to cost me!
  13. LOL! just polish the fram makes it ezier to clean!!! LOL or use Simple Green and a Tooth brush seems to work for me
  14. Hey I bought a new toy for my wife!! does any one know of a polaris forum
  15. I know what you are talkin about "the hose dosen't have enuogh slack to pull the strainer out of the oil tank"... what I did was take the black oilhose off at the crank case, then loosen the clamp on the hose on the strainer side, then you can use the allen key to take the strainer out. wala!!