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  1. fklipple

    Pro Circuit T4 exhaust, Broken head pipe!!

    I would buy the stainless pipe but I have the low gp pipe and they don't sell one. Thanks !!!
  2. Well guess what ! The head pipe on my $850.00 Pro Cicuit Ti exhaust has cracked in several places,starting at the flange and working out about 2". This the second one. The first one I had to buy a new one, about $275.00, cause I was racing that weekend. It lasted about 5 months. I am 65 years old and race in the 50+ vet motocross class, most weekends during the summer, on an '05 Honda crf 450. I sent the first head pipe back to pro circuit to see about waranty. They said tough DO DO . Has anybody had any of the same problems. I have had both pipes welded, but I don't want this to keep happening. Sorry for the long winded thread. Thanks
  3. fklipple

    knee braces

    So here's my two cents. I wear asterisk braces. I have been racing MX for over 40 years with my share of knee problems. Two years ago the Doctor told me I need two knee replacements, but he wouldn't do them till I stopped racing. I am not quite ready yet, so I bought the braces. WOW! Why did I wait so long? I have new confidence and am riding a lot more aggresively. 65 yr. old mxer/ '05 crf450
  4. fklipple

    Trans. Oil In Engine , '05 450r

    tranmission oil in engine
  5. While changing the engine oil on my '05 450, I noticed a slight redish tint to it. I use Honda trans. oil which is red. I then drained the trans. and only got about 400cc out. I have heard that '05s had a problem with the balancer shaft seal. By the way this oil change is after only 4 moto's. I change both oils every week, but this is the first time I noticed this. Anyone have this problem or know anything about it. THANKS!!!