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  1. pjesus

    WR400 Engine rebuild

    Hi, all. I recently bought a '00 WR400 that will be needing a new piston/rings/rod/bearings. (the cylinder looks ok, although it does have a scratch) My question is (I haven't seen this covered elsewhere, sorry if I didn't search hard enough): Do you recommend OEM or aftermarket parts? If aftermarket, any particular brand? Anything else you suggest I should check/replace? Crankshaft bearings? Any gears in the gearbox? (I heard of the problem with 3rd and 5th...) Cheers, PT Yamahondaha, I hope you don't mind jumping in here, but I think we can both benefit from it
  2. pjesus

    Wide ratio transmission for SM?

    Hi, thanks. Ok, I get it Anyway, I heard of some bikes having a 'special button' (in the carbs?) to help start when hot. I thought he might be talking about that. Sorry for the dumb questions but my experience in dirt-bikes is close to none... Cheers!
  3. pjesus

    Wide ratio transmission for SM?

    Hi, SuperRooster. What's that 'magic button' you're talking about? Cheers, Tiago
  4. pjesus

    Wide ratio transmission for SM?

    Hi, there! It's kind of an olda thread but here goes... Can someone tell me the standard transmission gearing for a '99 WR400? And for a Supermoto daily road use what gearing would you suggest? I've read 15/44 and 15/39 here (isn't this one too wide?) Thanks for your help, Tiago