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  1. It was the starter. I took it apart and the brushes had some corrosion and were stuck. I cleaned them with some wd-40 and freed them up and all is good now.
  2. ok, yeah after two different batteries that have been trickle charged for more than 24hrs each. It's got to be the starter.
  3. I had another motorcycle battery that I tried today and still does the same thing.
  4. OK battery is good I've trickle charged it and put a voltmeter on it also while pushing the start button. It' still reading over 12 volts when the start button is held in. All the bike does is click the solenoid. I've got power all the way to the starter but it won't kick in. I tried the tap on it with a hammer trick and it turned over a couple of times but now nothing. I'm thinking this means the starter is bad. I can't seem to find anyone else with this problem. When I search on here it seems that with everyone else it's the battery that fixes it. I also tried to jump the battery directly to the starter and nothing happened. Just wanting to make sure my thinking is correct before I by a new starter. The bike will bump start by the way.
  5. Yeah you'll get used to it. I would not ride my MX/woods bike without my mx boots and knee braces. They offer so much more protection. My problem is they're too stiff for my trials bike. I can't move around on the bike.
  6. Yeah I've switched to riding in my old Doc Martins with some Roach downhill knee/shin guards untill I can afford some alpinestars. I've got their MX boots and they seem to fit me good (large calves and all) so I'll go with them when I can swing it.
  7. I'm new to trials and I can't afford to spend $300 on some trials boots right now and my MX boots aren't cutting it. Does anyone have any used trials boots in decent shape that they want to part with for a resonable price? Oh I wear a size 10 also.
  8. That's not my lawn, it's a pic at the guy's house who I bought it from. My lawn is dead and full of weeds.
  9. Thanks everybody for your help. I got a Beta 250 today.
  10. That looks fun. Where is that at?
  11. I'm looking to get a used trials bike but I've never ridden any of them. Which brand is the most dependable and able to find parts for? There's no dealers in my area (Birmingham, AL). I'm going to look at a 03 Beta Rev 3 250 later this week.
  12. I got my 07 rb used and I'm trying to get my jetting sorted out. I was wondering what the stock jet sizes are so I can get a refernce point to start with?
  13. What jets are you using? Cause I also have a 7oz flywheel and it still won't start when it's hot.
  14. What main jet are you running?
  15. Yeah, I second that. I can't get my bike bike jetted right either. There needs to be a sticky on this.