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  1. blueblood89

    Coolant Over Flow On Start Up Help

    Hey, It blows out coolant as soon as it kicks and starts. I heard there might be air in the system. I will try getting the air out first and then check the head gasket. Thanks for the Help
  2. blueblood89

    Coolant Over Flow On Start Up Help

    We have a problem with a 2006 kx250f were trying to figure out why the coolant keeps shooten out of the over flow on Start UP. Has anybody had this problem, we've tried switching the overflow cap, that didn't work. Anybody have any suggestions. Thanks
  3. blueblood89

    post pics of your RM 125 and 250's

    Heres Mine 04 RM 125. http://img383.imageshack.us/img383/8203/p10100459ih.jpg http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/2467/p10100489ax.jpg
  4. blueblood89

    125's ANy Color

    Hey im looking for any 125's (any color jap or ktm) for sale that are above the year 2000. Please post any pics and price, Also if it has susp revavled please tell me the weight. It has to be near Cleveland, OH 44130 Thanks You can email me also mjlsfish22@yahoo.com
  5. blueblood89

    Buying a Used 4

    Alright Thanks. Is there anything bad that I should worry about buying any 2002 250f?
  6. blueblood89

    Awesome motorcycle videos

    Man what ever happened to your bike?
  7. blueblood89

    Buying a Used 4

    Im going to look at a 02 yz250f this weekend. What should I look? Like valve wise. The guy im about to buy from isn't no beginner. Heres some things that are coming with the bike one ind. graphics 03 cam for auto decompression sdg gripper seat and seat guts raised gripper seat tag bars and tripple clamps extra set of plastics 3 sprokets kibblewhite valves vortex ignition full procircuit exhaust dsp carbon fiber air box and fork guards ready racing air filters ready racing stainless oil filter ENZO suspension vlaved for 160lbs boyesen accel pump cover power now ziptie fuel screw newer tires new throttle/clutch cables new wheel bearings handguards Hes asking 2500 but what should I be looking for what should the compression be since I have a gauge all measure it. Thanks any facts is helping!
  8. blueblood89

    Yamaha 2-Stroke Forum Kickin!

    What about the RM's !!!!
  9. blueblood89

    fouling plugs like a mother@&*#@

    Who ever said I wish I had a 4 stoke your crazy. Ever try to start one in the winter lol
  10. blueblood89

    Got one of my stolen bikes back today

    I live in a pretty good neiborhood, nothing really ever happens bad here (Parma, Ohio). So I put my kx 125 outside and chained it up around a huge tree in my front yard. (I was selling it). So it was out for 24 hours w/o any problems but the next night probably around 12 some kids tried taking the bike. Luckly my mom was up and she heard something rattle outside. She looks out the window and see's three kids standing and one on the ground (cutting the lock) She screams at them and they run off. In the mean time shes running downstairs and waking me up. I go outside and look to see what happened. The crooks just got threw the lock and were about to get the chain undone. 2 more min and that thing could of been gone. We called the cops and pretty much had about a whole fleet of them roaming the streets. To bad they didn't catch them but o well. Im still worried to leave anything in my garage (I just sold it and just sold my yz 125) Now im getting at new bike in a week or so and putting it at are new house in strongsville (since the garage is attached to the house and there is no door or windows its a lot safer) but anyway felt like sharing that story.
  11. How do you check the bearings other then the wheel bearings.. Like the swingarm? How do you know when the susp. needs to be recharged (back) and so on. Thanks for all the input
  12. So, what do you ask, look, do, etc...?
  13. I never knew for one they had a 426 till I came across it in my local cycle trader. So anyway whats the deal with them? What years did they produce them? Are they a pretty good mx bike? Do they feel more like a 250f or 450f. Are they slower then what the displacement tells? I found one for 1600 which seems really low and the guy said it needed carb adjustments Im going to call him tommorw to get more info but any help would the helpful. Thanks!