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    00 KX250, 97 GSF600, 79 IronHead, 98 GP760, 06 Pitster Pro 125X, Old school Huffy minibike
  1. DirtStar184

    Souther Ohio Riders??

    Cleves, OH here......down in the SW corner of Cincy. I hit Daniel Boone and Wayne National Forest alot.
  2. me= D (damn near all the time). After thinking about it and reading more of the posts I really should answer C. Its probably 50/50 really depending on the terrain/course. Interesting responses though.
  3. DirtStar184

    Need some Help..

    I wish I had some advice to offer.....and find some good advice for it.....I always had that problem myself when I raced HS/GNCC. I'd be one of the first bikes into the woods and my arms would pump up so bad I'd end up scewing up and losing about 10 spots.....then its catch 'em if you can! It sucked!
  4. DirtStar184

    2000 KX 250 Brake Problems

    I have a 2K also and I hated the front brake. It felt like all the other KX front brakes I had (94,97,98).....all mushy and no braking power. A bud of mine had a 2001 and his front brake was 1000 times better. So I replaced my stock master cylinder with a 2001 model (thats all that is different between the 2K and 2k1) and also installed a braided stainless line and now my front brake is incredible. No more squeezing the lever all the way to the grip to get the front brake to work.
  5. DirtStar184

    Bearing removal on KX250

    You'll need a small claw puller. Its a bearing puller with small claws that will fit down thru the bearing hole and grab the bottom sides of the bearing. Also heat up the case around the bearing with a propane torch when you attempt to pull it. Might be better off taking it to a repair shop and letting them do it for you. Good Luck!
  6. DirtStar184

    Choosing between 2003 KX250 and 2000 KX250

    Congrats! The 2000 is a great bike and you will love it. Excellent engine and plush suspension.
  7. DirtStar184

    National Enduro Format

    I think this is why the AMA changed the timing format in Enduros. They are trying to get AMA Enduro riders in tune with the ISDE format so we no longer get spanked at the ISDE's, much less time keeping and more emphasis on the special tests.
  8. DirtStar184

    COMETIC gaskets?

    I've used the Cometic kits before. Honestly I cant recall if the head gasket was thinner/thicker than stock or the same. I didnt have any problems with the gaskets tho.
  9. DirtStar184

    KX 250 sprockets?

    Yeah the older KX's you could run a 12 but the newer units' cases are slightly different and anything smaller than 13 will rub the case.
  10. DirtStar184

    Clarke/IMS gas tanks

    Yeah 60 is a good estimate. I know I can get 40-45 miles out of my stock tank and was over 50 miles with my IMS tank.
  11. DirtStar184

    2005 kx250 lights/stator?

    I put a Moose Racing stator assy on mine, works pretty good.
  12. DirtStar184

    Used 2000 kx 250.

    I'll chime in and say the KX250's are excellent woods weapons.
  13. DirtStar184

    few Q's bout my KX250

    In reference to your #3: Any motorcycle shop with a service dept. can change the oil and replace the seals in your forks. The 98's have smooth power delivery, perhaps it's not fast on the top because the gearing is low.....in other words perhaps the previous owner changed sprocket sizes.
  14. DirtStar184

    Black Kx's

    I have black plastics on my KX, I've received many compliments on how it looks. I'll post a pic when I can.
  15. DirtStar184

    Electrosport KX lighting coil

    Cant speak for the Electrosport but I have a Moose Racing ignition/lighting coil myself and havent had any trouble at all.