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    anyone have shaved foam to lower seat

    I too suffer from short legs. It looks like the guys above are not big supporters of the shaved seat. I shaved almost 2 inches of seat foam on my 03 XR250 and it worked out good. It looked goofy and it was slightly uncomforatble but I could touch the balls of my feet. I just bought a 04 CRF 250R. Its a couple of inches higher than the XR. I would like to shave a bit of foam but I know there's not much to spare on the CRF. Has anybody shaved the foam on their CRF250R? Are you happy with it? Does anyone know where to find an aftermarket short seat? I can only find standard and tall. Thanks
  2. JDerb

    Where did Mar's XR250R Thead Go??

    Please repost Mar's XR250 tips page!