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    Pocketbike trade?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to put this out here in case anyone was interested, as I am looking to purchase a pit bike soon. I thought maybe someone would want to either purchase or think about trading thier pit bike for a DM Telai Pocketbike? Pictures are listed below, easily worth $1700 rated at 13.5hp. This is a TRUE european race bike, only thing wrong with it is the radiator, it needs a new one, they cost about $130 I believe. Its a 40cc open class motor with a malossi top end -race crank -New BZM race pipe -BZM 2 shoe clutch with carbonium shoes -auto cooling clutch bell -Sava MCO tires. only a few practice days on it -Plus TONS of extras parts, nearly 1 of everything!
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    Hey thanks for the clarification, definitely not a company I would want to deal with, or have others deal with, considering thier lack of communication and overall shady buisness. I can definitely get you one bike sold, let me know if you have any deals, as my coworker is looking to buy one. Something that wont fall apart, and has room for upgrades, but at a lower price. The bike is for a 12 year old, however my buddies and myself are looking to buy as well, all in our mid 20's looking to thrash around on them.
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    Hey guys and gals, I just recently had a BAD experience with a coworker of mine and PowerSportsMax. First of all the credit card wouldn’t go through on the online order form, it said it was declined when we had plenty of funds available, so we tried it again with the same results. We even tried it with a different card, same thing. We then called the company of the card, and every attempt was in fact charged when it said it wasn’t. The bank put a hold on the funds until they can find out what was going on. We were now becoming worried and skeptical about this place, so we attempted to get a hold of someone there... GOOD LUCK! they do NOT answer the phones and when they do, its someone who cant speak english. We did finally get a hold of someone and placed the order, well we still wanted to speak to someone about the bike and find out some details on shipment, so while the funds were on hold, we got a hold of the same fellow that we placed the order with. We wanted to know the address of the place so we can come check it out and even pick up the bike, well that information is apparently SACRED because they will not give it out for the life of them. This automatically screams out RIPOFF/FRAUD/SCAM, so after blowing up on the phone and them refusing to give us a refund or the address of the place we contacted the company of the card again. It turns out they had let the funds go but PowerSportsMax didn’t charge it yet, so we put a big red X on that charge and canceled the order VIA the card company. Please be aware that they basically have NO customer service, the website is poorly put together and if you read around and look at the text, there are many misspelled words, INCLUDING the city they are located in which should be Los Angeles, and not Los Angels. I had searched for info on them here and found nothing, so please take this bad experience into consideration and STAY AWAY!