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  1. dirtywardog

    are the 18 250s and 300s all still screwed up

    There not screwed up a few came with shitty reeds and there jetted rich / my 17sx250 has been great and got even better after a pc pipe a PWK
  2. dirtywardog

    New member 2018 Ktm 300xc problems 2.5hr

    its fine, 2017 sx250 did this when new 20 hard hours now and no issues
  3. dirtywardog

    2017-2018 TC250 Premix

    I've been using Maxima K2 in my 17sx250 at 40:1 with no probs / Kehien carb swap made it way crisper
  4. dirtywardog

    New Bike Build... First KTM!

    the ti-6 pro is quieter to meet AMA noise for pro racing / am or local racing with no noise restrictions i would get the ti-6 it will be a bit snappier too. Always have used PC with much better luck FMF seems to fall apart
  5. dirtywardog

    2017 XCw Review: First 50 hours

    I just put a 38mm khiend pwk on my 17sx250 and its amazing now feels like the bike has fuel injection
  6. dirtywardog

    17-18 250 SX PIPES

    Wasn't noticeable, this bike has such good pull down low all i noticed was longer pull up top and more power mid-up
  7. dirtywardog

    17-18 250 SX PIPES

    I really like my prociuit works pipe with the r304 silencer a lot it works really well makes the bike pull up too a lot longer
  8. dirtywardog

    Anyone get their '18 YZ450 yet?

    so much wrong but hey the dudes happy haha! literally makes no sense to me though....... my AER set up is rad, hitting big jumps pump up the pressure, going trail riding lower it - so simple
  9. dirtywardog

    Anyone get their '18 YZ450 yet?

    HA a 06 yz over a 17sx450........ not a chance
  10. dirtywardog

    '18 250xc worth the extra $1k?

    It's better everywhere... corners way more precise the yz's front end loved to put you on your face entering corners. it doesn't pull as long on top but the ktm is completely stock and the yz was far from. this could just be the ktm's midrange also being WAY stronger giving the feeling of less rev on top
  11. dirtywardog

    '18 250xc worth the extra $1k?

    I just bought a 17sx used with 5 hours on it and saved about 2500 - comming off a yz250 with head mods and the carb dialed i was expecting this bike to run like shit stock as everyone says but it's honestly perfect i can't get it to burble or feel weird anywhere ..... really liking this new ktm
  12. dirtywardog

    anyone with a 13 with ecm update or a 14?. need help

    Yeah always gonna be a gamble, good to see 75-100 hours I run in the B class and short shift the bike quite a lot (why I am leaning to a 290 kit not a 269) thats great I should be able to big bore it and get a bunch of good hours out of my motor then. I've never tried hot rods cranks with 75-100 hours on stock would you see these lasting longer? Have you tried the 290 without any cam work? thanks!
  13. dirtywardog

    anyone with a 13 with ecm update or a 14?. need help

    Hey - ac717 , Wrong part for this post but I was wondering, with your 290 kit do you have the stock crank in the bike? What sort of hours are you expecting, I have a 2013 rmz250 with 18 hours on it currenttly.. looking for more power easier, then my 2013 kx250f I recently sold......
  14. dirtywardog

    2013 kx250f race parts

    2013 kx250f with 49.9 hours on it, the best cheap mods for me have been a g2 quick turn throttle, PC backfire screen mainly to make sure the air box is clean when changing filters. As far as other things get a good skid plate and chain guide. I put a new piston in the bike at 34.9 hours and the stocker looked fine and still could have been used, installed a 14-1 hi comp piston and got a little more bottom out of the bike. Just ordered a drd ns-4 beuahe stocker is sounding horrird..
  15. dirtywardog

    Seized 2013 kx450

    How does the oil filter go in backwards, doesn't the spring have to go in the medal indendened side of the oil filter only the one way? How bad is the clyinder and piston still look re-usable i'd say that any small scratches or anything would be a no go. The valves and everything up there look ok?